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Create your ideal week! (Free Template)

babywearing business development free template Dec 02, 2022

What does your week look like?

Or, for that matter, if we pull back, what does your month look like? Are your weeks and months living up to your ideals? 

Are your priorities anchored into your calendar? Or is something/someone else driving the boat?

When I'm asked how to start or grow a business - this is where I begin. I ask,

"If you could build the ideal week for your life - what would it look like?"

Sometimes I hear, "I would be on the beach!" (Lol, me too!)

Yet, most people come back with a list that includes their top priorities: 

  • Time with my family. Whether that's with kids, partners, or parents and extended family.
  • Time to myself
  • Time to do the fun things I want to take advantage of - before things close or leave. 
  • Time to work on something meaningful.
  • Time for the routine stuff of life. This is often an afterthought because who wants to think about laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping as part of their ideal week? I don't blame them! It didn't end up on mine as a top priority, either. 

It's not uncommon to hear how little time there is in any given week. And yet, there are 168 hours in the week. So let me ask you: 

What do you want your ideal week to look like - versus - where it is now?

How will you get to your ideal? What needs to shift or change? Likely, some things can be crafted easier than you think at first. 

If you're trying to change your routine and daily life - you already know this is a challenge. Your habits have a tendency to creep back into your day and week. You don't need to implement all the changes alone, or at once, for that matter. 

You can break down your week however you like, which is the beauty of this type of exercise. 

  • You can use large brush strokes and label a section work, sleep, family…
  • Or add all the details with specific brush strokes: exercise, homework time, cooking, errands, work, cleaning, date night, laundry time, out with friends, tv time, sleep time, etc…

And the magic happens after doing this exercise! 

Start with a 'check-in' with yourself, your partner, kids, or others on the 'map' of your week. 

"Wait… I thought it was MY Ideal week… why am I now checking in with others?"

Well, you don't have to, of course…however, you might be surprised at how helpful the additional comments might be and how willing to help you reach your ideal week those you ask to 'weigh in' might be. 

The week you're building isn't forever; it's for now. As things change, you tweak and change it. 

I review my ideal week quarterly, but only in-depth twice a year, and then spend time adjusting my schedule and moving towards the ideal. 

Things happen, and someone else's agenda comes crashing into mine. Because that's the thing: it's unlikely I can make all the changes in one brush stroke. This ideal week is what I strive toward, and hopefully, I get there more often than I don't. 

Flexibility and compassion are essential when striving to reach an ideal week. Perhaps, it's tenderness toward yourself that I genuinely mean - be gentle and kind when you're working toward changing something in your life.  

If you want an example, see the picture of my ideal week. I break my time into color-coded chunks to help visualize the week. As you can see, for me, the yellow is the time I am teaching, coaching, or consulting. 

You might ask, "I see you work on Saturdays. Do you want that in your Ideal Week?" 

Yes, I do. It's only 7 weeks in a row a few times a year, and the rest of the time, I have that day off. It opens up the training to a different group of people. So, yes, it's part of my ideal week. 

If you want to play around with this idea, there's a template you can download below. Share the template and exercise with your partner, and see where you two have synergy. If they're old enough, do it with your kids and see where you all align. 

If you want support in making the changes you desire, check out my private-coaching options - or join a group coaching cohort. In both groups, there are videos on crafting your time to meet your needs - and the needs of your new/growing business.