The Working Group


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Sharpen your strategy. Strengthen your business.

If you have an established business you're actively working on, and you're ready to develop, expand, evolve, and grow your business...'re in the right place!

Ready to stop stabbing in the dark? Tired of the guesswork? Are you itching to craft a clear, aligned, and achievable plan? Yes? Then, this is for you! 

  • If you're¬†not making enough money to give you the financial freedom you desire.
  • If you know, you could do more with your marketing and revenue streams.
  • If the impostor syndrome¬†monster¬†rears its ugly head and tells you, "I'm not cut out for¬†this!"
  • If you're overwhelmed and¬†feel like¬†you're losing the battle.
  • If you're flying below your potential¬†and beating yourself up because of it.

Then, it's time for a change!

The group has got you! You want an adaptable brand that will grow and evolve as 'life happens' and your goals change. You want your life and business to make a difference. You want to generate a significant impact for those you serve. 

I love the passionate, ambitious, honest, darn good person you are and that you're ready to do what it takes to realize your vision!


"Tell me more about the program."

We meet weekly for live group coaching and accountability sessions.

  • During the¬†weekly¬†90-minute sessions, we will explore what's working and what's not, provide feedback, and plot your next steps.

  • Each session is structured to include group discussion time, actions needed, and accountability follow-up.¬†

  • The group decides what else is needed. Some examples we added in 2023:

    • Specific recorded material and exercises based on the group's needs.

    • Invited¬†guest experts to help fill in¬†gaps. In 2023, we had guests to discuss marketing trends and structuring for profit.

    • Group¬†social media events/challenges/activities where we raise our collective voices to drive awareness.¬†

    • Plus, whatever¬†the group agrees to, we do!

  • Exercises to help you move forward.¬†Designed to maximize your decision-making, problem-solving, and financial potential.

  • Weekly Accountability and Support Check-ins on our¬†Private Slack Channel

    • You'll receive accountability prompts each week to encourage you to check in, review, set intentions, and more.

    • You'll be invited to share with the group and get support to¬†keep you on point and focused.

    • The Slack channel¬†helps ensure you're not alone¬†as you build your business.¬†


"Is This Small-Group Coaching Program Right For Me?"

I get it. Maybe you haven't been part of a group coaching setting before and wonder if it will help you.

Listen, this program is NOT for you if...

  • You want to figure out everything on your own, even if it takes you 10x¬†longer.
  • You believe your inner critic¬†when it tells you, "You're only successful if you do it yourself."
  • You're not ready to break through your limiting stories.
  • You don't have at least 20 hours a week to invest in your business.
  • You don't like receiving feedback and supporting others in a group environment.

However, this program IS for you if...

  • You're committed to taking action and tackling the big, small, and niggling things.
  • You're ready to get out of overwhelm and stuck-ness and into clarity and confidence.
  • You're excited to roll up your sleeves to develop, scale, or evolve your business.
  • You're exhilarated and ready to¬†break through your self-imposed glass ceiling!
  • You want¬†to work¬†up, and on, your customized road map for your business.
  • You'd be¬†thrilled to work with a small group of like-minded individuals who¬†take consistent action, have similar issues, and want to create business momentum.


"What about the details?"

The next session starts meeting again on September 18th
The doors are now open!

Registration runs through May 20th, 2024

The seats are limited to ensure the group never grows beyond my ability to provide high-level individualized support for everyone.

The next group meets 9 times, once a week from May 29th - August 7th, 2024

  • Wednesday mornings:¬†9:30a - 11:00a EST (only 3 slots available)
  • Wednesday evening:¬†6p - 7:30p EST (Contact me¬†to add yourself to the waitlist!)

What cohort will I be in? 
Great question! After registration, you'll be sent a form to choose your top choices for the times that work for you.

When do we start? When do we end? 
Another great question! Our second series of the year begins May 29th and ends August 7th, 2024
      *Note: We will not meet on June 19th or July 3rd, 2024.

How many times will we meet? 
Umm, you are seriously good with questions! We'll meet 9 times in the next session of the year!

If you have other questions or concerns, book a call with me or join me on this free webinar!

Looking for a payment plan? Click here! 

Wondering when we will start up again after the Summer? See you September 18th

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