Newborn Babywearing Support Training


Course Overview

Babywearing is essential to both parents and newborns as they adjust to life together, and you can help them use this tool with the same care and confidence you bring to other areas of prenatal and perinatal support. 

Like everything else in a baby’s first three months of life, how a newborn baby is carried deserves extra consideration. From gear to science to updated cleaning protocols in the age of Covid-19, CBWS is here to ensure you bring timely, up-to-date information to your practice. 

Why should you take our Newborn Babywearing training? 

Your clients will be delighted when you incorporate newborn babywearing education into your work, or when you, yourself, carry their babies during your time together. Not only is carrying a baby a wonderful way to enhance bonding, wearing a baby has also been shown to: 

  • Support baby’s physiological systems
  • Reduce crying
  • Reduce postpartum depression
  • Increase breastfeeding success rates
  • Be ergonomically superior to carrying baby in an infant carseat or stroller
  • Allow caregivers to more easily practice self-care while meeting their baby’s needs

New families are born every day. This course is designed to give you the confidence to speak about babywearing and baby carriers to each new family you work with in a clear and concise way. You have to juggle continual learning in so many aspects of your work. Let me do the work of demystifying babywearing for you!

"It's been almost three years since I had a newborn, and honestly those days are hard to remember.
The course was very well framed to support families of newborns and what we need to know to support them."

"It was a great experience. I'm glad I did it."

"This course had so much amazing information! I felt Joanna did a wonderful job at setting up the class from beginning to end, beautifully tying in emotional support at the end."

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"It made me feel more comfortable with carriers I was not familiar with previously."

"I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to do this! It means so much to get real training and to feel confident in being able to help others."

"It got me thinking about why people might want to babywear and their expectations"

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