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A babywearing consultant smooths the path to the postpartum of your dream!

When you hire a CBWS babywearing educator or consultant, you can feel confident in their knowledge and training. Our graduates have access to the latest research about infant development, baby carrying, and the science of infant touch.

Your CBWS-trained baby wearing educator has the expertise to help you discover and use any baby carrier comfortably and confidently.

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We've trained over 1500 educators and consultants. Some people move on, and some work with a manufacturer or retailer. There is babywearing help if you need it. No need to go it alone!

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Start with those who have taken our 'Foundations' course when in doubt. This is our premium training, and each consultant is prepared to assist you across a wide range of scenarios and with all carrier styles. 

  • Both the Newborn and Twin/Tandem options are specialties. This means the educator or consultant has taken additional training to gain more knowledge to assist you with this topic.¬†
  • If you're looking for someone to assist you with preparing to care for your twins, try to search using "Foundations' + Twin/Tandem.
  • If you're looking for babywearing help with your newborn baby, search for 'Foundations' + 'Newborn.'
  • Through our recent training for Healthcare workers, you can now search for a facility nearby. While this list is small now, we will surely see it grow fast.
  • Are you having trouble finding someone local to you? Consider a Virtual option! Simply search 'Foundations' + 'Virtual.'

Let our grads demystify babywearing for you.

Did you know that babywearing education is typically an entertaining and very interactive experience? Yep, it is!

Most 1-1 and small group settings will have time for your questions, an opportunity for you to explore multiple carrier styles, and be full of exciting information about your baby's development. Plus, the educator will consider you, your body, and your needs too. They're trained in proven teaching methods focusing on you and your unique situation. They will make carrying your child easy and convenient. 

Have fun while discovering the world of infants, baby carriers, and the magic that occurs with extended holding. 

Reach out to a babywearing educator today and gain the tools to make bonding with, nurturing, and caring for your baby a hands-free adventure.

Not sure a baby carrier consultation is right for you? 
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