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Healthcare Worker Certification as a Newborn Babywearing Educator

Introducing our first course for this new program!

Neonatal Babywearing Educator Certification for the Healthcare Worker

You will have access to an online training portal designed to reduce your in-person training time. There is a staff, volunteer, and family side to the portal as well, so you can focus on verifying knowledge, answering questions, and building confidence and competence with babywearing.


Introduction to Babywearing in the NICU

- Why is babywearing important for the infant and caregivers?
- The current evidence base for babywearing.

Positioning and Safety while Babywearing

- Clear guidelines on infant and care-provider positioning while babywearing.
- In-depth safety focus through case studies, exploration, and discussion.

Risk Mitigation and Infection Control while Babywearing

- Common issues and prevention for babywearing.
- Infection control, carrier integrity, and risk prevention.

Specific & In-depth baby carrier training for carriers used by Banner Health.

- Overview of each baby carrier used in your NICU, how to use, troubleshooting common issues, structural integrity, and a visual structure for right-wrong clarity.

Teaching structure for Trainer

- Breaking the carrier education into easy-to-understand steps.
- Start at stage two of learning, why and how.
- Encourage through resistance. 

Plus even more!

  • Checklists for you to use with the healthcare workers, families, and volunteers you will teach.
  • Online modules plus Five one-hour weekly live sessions, with a 6-week cohort follow-up.
  • Training platform for you to use when teaching colleagues and parents.

Learning Objectives

  • Instruct the healthcare workers, families, and volunteers who interact with the NICU in the proper use, positioning, safety measures, and troubleshooting for each carrier style on the unit.

  • Break down and discuss the correlation between the ABCs of babywearing positioning and babywearing safety.

  • Recognize and remediate the signs of infant distress while wearing.

  • Summarize and incorporate risk management measures unique to babywearing.

  • Manage and maintain a Carrier-Tracking system to monitor the wear and tear on the individual baby carriers in the unit.

  • Verify and Monitor a learner’s comprehension of babywearing techniques, safety, and rationale for use.

  • Construct clear well supported and sustained evidence-based arguments to support the practice of babywearing.

  • Synthesize ‘why to wear’ into a 30-elevator pitch statement.

  • Compare and Contrast the differences between the carriers available in the unit.

  • Create a learning space in the unit with all necessary items for first-time learners.

 Our Pilot Program is specifically for Banner Health.

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