The CBWS Mission

“I built CBWS because I want everyone to carry their babies. I want them to love it and to find it simple and enjoyable. I envision a world where every town & neighborhood has knowledgeable babywearing consultants supporting families, and a world in which every family can access these educators.”

        Joanna McNeilly Instructor and Founder, CBWS

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About the Center for Babywearing Studies: 

CBWS exists to support people who want to add baby carrying services to their existing work with families or pursue babywearing education as a career. Joanna, the founder of CBWS, has worked as a professional babywearing educator in New York City for over a decade. Through that work, she realized just how many people are eager to pay people like you for expertise in choosing and using a baby carrier.

Working with one family at a time is a powerful way to impact the families in your community. Helping new families, caregivers and providers find the 'ah-ha' moment with their baby is a wonderful feeling.  Bringing families together to share and learn from each other helps normalize the practice of babywearing. Your work facilitating a physical and emotional bond between babies and caregivers has enormous public health impacts, making babywearing educators an integral part of the early parenting network in your community.

Is this work for me?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to babywearing or have spent decades working with carriers and families, there is something new in the CBWS courses for you.

A certification program isn’t necessary, of course, to teach others how to carry their babies. However, those who have completed our training tell us it is an extraordinary experience that significantly expands the work they do with families. They feel more confident in their teaching and better able to work with strangers, healthcare professionals, and organizations about babywearing. Retailers find their sales increase, and manufacturers use our insight to improve their carriers and marketing.

We invite you to join our strong, supportive network of professional babywearing consultants. Our graduate community learns from, builds on, and strengthens each other on a daily basis. Through this community, CBWS continues to support you long after you have completed your course.