Build, Grow, Evolve Your Business & Life

With a Coach Dedicated to Your Success

What are you meant to do?      What's your contribution?     What's holding you back?     Who's holding you back? 

This is Your future. Your Vision. 

You're needed! The families in your community need you to succeed.  

There's no need to stand alone. How will you get from here to there? 

Clarify goals. Overcome obstacles. Develop your path forward. 

No one says creating a successful business is easy. If it was, then everyone would succeed. You'll need time, patience, commitment, focus, determination, perseverance, a sense of humor.....and a solid but flexible plan. You need a coach, a teacher, a mentor, peers, and lots of support.

This is where I come into your story. I believe in your mission. 

I want you to succeed.

I want to use my strengths to support you. 

Historically, I've supported your learning as a teacher/trainer. And yes, sometimes as a mentor - consultant - coach too. But the

Times...they are changing...

A year ago, I undertook an intense review of the last decade-plus and realized it was time for me to support the changes I wanted to see; more successful babywearing-related businesses and programs. So... I went back to school and set aside the time to become an ICF coach to better serve you. 

You want a successful business. 

Whatever 'success' looks like For You. Unique, individual, and utterly One-of-a-Kind You. 

This is a collaboration. When you're successful, I'm successful. In the end, we have a kinder & gentler world.

Big Mission. Big Vision. Absolutely Possible!

Moving forward. The road won't be straight. It's gonna be full of potholes, people, dogs, bikes….all types of obstacles that must be successfully navigated. It will be a challenge at times. Yet, this is the journey - the journey of your life. You want it to be the most joyful, fun, and rewarding journey. (Me too!)

As your coach, I'm here to help you navigate the journey.

Coaching is future-focused. It's goal-oriented. It's a collaborative creative space with someone on your side. Someone who supports you and facilitates your growth and development. Someone who creates a space for you to open up and generate new perspectives and see new possibilities. Someone who will help you stay on point and lovingly hold a mirror up when you need it. 

Coaching Works. I know this personally, and I see it works for my clients. 

So what about you? Do you wonder how coaching would impact your ability to achieve your goals?

Are you coaching-curious?

Many bright, driven, successful people define their purpose and do something that genuinely matters; their work inspires, expands, and creates a difference in the world. 

This can be you!

We all need support to navigate challenges and opportunities. People often come to coaching when they're entering a period of transition or seeking some kind of transformation. 

I can hear you thinking... "Hmmm… such as starting, growing, evolving a business or program - is that what you mean?"  Why yes. Yes, I do. 

Whatcha think? Are you ready to get creative and dig deep with me? 

My Coaching Philosophy 

I'm passionate about supporting and facilitating your growth and development. I enjoy creating the space and opportunity for you to explore and create new pathways. A space where you can explore your purpose, goals, strategy, processes, relationships, dreams … and, well, whatever you need - without needing to defend yourself and justify your actions. 

In my mind, we walk side-by-side. I am there to support you when you need me, and I believe you are:

  •  an individual who can bring about any change or achieve any goal you desire. 
  •  a person with a rich and deep intellect and emotional life. 
  •  open to new perspectives and possibilities. 
  •  worthy of dignity and respect. 

What's the role of a coach? 

  •  To facilitate your awareness, insight, and actions.
  •  To smooth the way for change if needed. 
  •  It's not to prescribe, dictate, or do the work for you. 
  •  To guide you to discovery so you can clear the hurdles, remove barriers, and take clear, intentional steps forward. 
  •  To provide feedback on what I see and hear - not cheerlead - but champion you

As your coach, I will be an ally, a sounding board, and a mirror. There are no judgments, no evaluations, and most of all, there is no pre-defined path. We'll figure it all out together.

You're a whole human being, whether at work, home, or anywhere in between. You become your most powerful self when your thoughts, feelings, and actions work harmoniously. You bring all of who you are into every context of your life, and improvement in one area naturally leads to improvement in other areas. 

As your coach, I help you identify your blind spots, overcome obstacles, and fulfill your true potential. 

How does coaching work? What's the structure & timeline?

Coaching is best done within a structure with a beginning, a middle, and an end. You'll make more progress and achieve more positive outcomes when you invest in and commit to a complete coaching package - or a group program combined with private coaching. 

This personalized coaching structure is tailored to you and centers your purpose and intended outcomes throughout our coaching relationship.

You'll do some serious work when you work with me (also within a group program), but I promise we will also have fun. You will begin to see, love, and respect your inherent capabilities and weakness so that you may bring your best self forward. 

You'll have the tools and support to evaluate what was, understand where you are, and envision where you want to go - then create the road map forward.

You can create new habits and build new skills, and you have my support every step of the way.

You can expect a mix of suggestions for cognitive, emotional, and physical exercises: self-reflection, self-observation, self-adjustment, and a lot of experimentation to see what works best. 

How often will we meet?

We will meet privately weekly or bi-weekly for 45-60 minutes sessions, with a preference of 12 sessions - minimum - to see a marked improvement. This is enough time to monitor your progress, create and discuss new insights and address the inevitable challenges. 

Each program will have a structure encompassing a 3-part system (you know I love the number 3) where we Connect, Converse, and Celebrate.

The Beginning - Connect

If we don't know each other already:

Then we'll have a short call (Zoom/phone) to talk to one another. What are your goals? Am I a good fit for you? Do we have the chemistry to build trust during the coaching relationship? I'll answer your questions. We'll discuss our mutual expectations for outcomes, communication preferences, and scheduling.

If we already know each other:

An introduction call may not be necessary. If we do have one, then I'll answer your questions. Then we'll discuss our mutual expectations for outcomes, communication preferences, and scheduling.

I'll send you a short discovery- sheet to jump-start our next call.

Our First Session: Commencement

The Commencement call is a discovery session. We will dig into your goals and reasons for coaching. We'll have a sense of the challenges ahead and how they impact your business - and life. We'll then dive into the topic at hand. During this call - like all others - we will co-create a plan that serves you and your goals. 

The Middle - Converse

This is the bulk of the work. 

In each session, you choose how our conversation begins. We can start with updates if you want. We can also dive right in and establish your desired outcomes for the day - what do you want to take away from this session?  

We'll explore towards this outcome: We might dive into the challenges you are encountering. We might discuss the varied options in front of you. We might pull back and look at the bigger picture of your life/situation. We might examine internal narratives, negative self-talk, or behaviors/situations that sabotage your dreams and goals. We might plot your steps toward a longer-term objective. 

There is so much we can do - but we'll go only where it's helpful for you! 

We'll partner as you master your focus, create your action plan, and generate new narratives or perspectives so you can work toward achieving your aspirations. 

The End - which is really another beginning - Celebrate

During the second to last conversation, we'll explore what's shifted during our time together and review the road map for where you're headed. You'll re-examine the systems and structures you've developed so you continue to grow.


About 3-5 weeks after our Celebration conversation, we reconnect to review what's working, what might need an adjustment, and what your current challenges are teaching you. The Continuation call is an ideal time to explicitly identify the shifts you've made and discuss the possibilities these shifts have opened up for you. 

How long is the coaching program?

This is your journey, so you will ultimately decide how long we are in a coaching relationship. However, I've created a few packages for you to consider. 

High-Impact Option

My primary coaching package is the version I suggest to make a lasting impact on your business (and your life). It's 12 sessions and can last from three to six months. In between sessions, you will be doing your work, and there might be an activity, reading, or practice we design together that you're also working on. I offer a between-session text-based check-in

If you prefer/need a specific time, this is the program for you, as this is the only offer that will provide you with a dedicated slot on my calendar. Due to this program's high-impact and high-touch nature and that I will continue running all the CBWS courses, there are limited slots. 

Wrap-around Option

This book-ends your support with anchor points along the way. My wrap-around package is 6 sessions lasting anywhere from 2-3 months and is an excellent add-on to any group-coaching program. 

I suggest one session before you start the group coaching program and 2-3 during the group run, and then 2-3 sessions after the group's conclusion. 

With this option, you'll need to book each session individually, and some weeks might be more difficult to find your preferred time to connect.

On-demand Option

My on-demand package is 3 sessions, lasting anywhere from 3-8 weeks. This package would work with the group-coaching programs. I suggest one session near the start of your group coaching program. Then use the other two sessions after the group concludes, with one follow-up session about a month after the group conclusion. That'll give you additional support when you find you need it.

With this option, you'll need to book each session individually. There might be weeks that are harder to find your preferred time to connect.

I don't currently offer a single-session option. 

How will we connect for our coaching sessions?

I offer the sessions via Zoom. However, we can do audio or phone-based sessions too. 

How long will each session take?

I suggest we have some flexibility as we navigate our work together. Generally, we will start with 45-60 minutes. We might find a tighter, more focused window ideal if we meet weekly. However, that decision also depends on other factors: if we're just starting or reconnecting, they might be a little longer.  

How often do the sessions occur? 

Whether we meet weekly, bi-weekly, or sporadically will depend on your preferences. The minimum engagement is one 60-minute session a month. I recommend one-hour weekly sessions for the most effective coaching impact. If you are working with a group program, I suggest a bi-weekly schedule with 1-2 sessions before the group starts and then at least 2-4 sessions post the group program conclusion - or, as stated above, with shorter commitments.