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Meet Tenise Hordge from Mother Magical Milk

black babywearing week black owned businesses meet our graduates Jun 23, 2022
Tenise Hordge from MothersMagical Milk

Today we are talking to Tenise Hordge form Mother Magical Milk. We would love for you to follow her on instagram@mothermagicalmilk 

Share with us, why did you leave the corporate world to start a business serving new families,

Mother’s Magical Milk was born from my own personal nursing experiences as well as my desire to make an impact on this world. The pandemic allowed me the opportunity to slow down and really understand and focus on my talents and my purpose. I didn’t feel motivated or purposeful in my corporate career. I knew I wanted to help families achieve their breastfeeding goals. My first child was born at 31 weeks gestation and obviously needed time to mature. We had an amazing NICU IBCLC that helped us in our breastfeeding journey but what I soon came to realize is that my experience was the exception and not the rule. That really didn’t sit well with me.


When you were pregnant with your first, did you find the services you were wanting - and with people who understood and respected your needs as a person of color?

Unfortunately no. Having my daughter early, I felt things happened to me and I wasn’t (nor my husband) apart of the process. I think in general, we are conditioned to accept the status quo and not inquire about risks/benefits/alternatives. I want to influence the next generation to be involved in the decision making process as it relates to their own health.


Let’s dig into the wonderful you do now! Childbirth education: which is so important, share about why cbe for you - why was this an important piece of your business puzzle?

So I didn’t even know how much of a passion I would have for Childbirth Education until I was in it! LOL. I love working with new families and discussing the amazingness of child development and childbirth. Understanding informed consent, and how a cascade of interventions can affect delivery (and by definition breastfeeding initiation) made the connection undeniable to me.


Lactation services! You have moved the mountain and become an ibclc (I’m calling it! Lol). Congratulations! Why prenatal breastfeeding? Share why it’s important for people to learn early.

The lack of prenatal education regarding the benefits and management of breastfeeding are evident in the reported initiation and duration rates of breastfeeding, especially those of African American Women. This is even more critical for women suffering with PCOS, gestational diabetes and or high BMI’s. People don’t know what they don’t know. We no longer live in a society where generational knowledge is passed and observed in small communities. Misinformation runs rampant. Which means there is a crucial need for families to have a trusted, cultural adept resource to go to.


You knew this was coming: how does babywearing fall into all of this? How are you using babywearing to support your clients goals and knit all this together?

Babywearing is probably just as old and as breastfeeding. Early cultures didn’t put their babies in the crib and walk away – mothers and babies were together ALL THE TIME – Literally. Personally, babywearing was a great resource for me to comfort my kiddos and simultaneously regain a since of independence. Professionally, due to the lack of cultural custom being passed down from generation to generation on top of unfair societal expectation, Babywearing (re)introduces a solution to keeping baby close, comforted, and of course fed.

Would you share how you overcame the worries and fears that are common when starting a new business, and what was key for you to take the leap?

I think I still have a few of them! LOL. Honestly, you do have to just step out on faith. Now, as a self proclaimed planner and having spent several years in the corporate world as a program manager – there is a level of savings/planning that must occur. My Pops passed unexpectedly and one of the lessons from this heartache that I learned is that you only live once! So yes, starting a business, or a new venture is absolutely scary but if you have prepared, you have to allow yourself the opportunity to succeed. Otherwise – you will always live with regrets.


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