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Graduate Highlight: Casey Dynakowski

featured graduates May 02, 2017
Casey and her little one smile at the camera. She is carrying her child on her back in a wrap.

When/Where did you take Foundations? March 2016/Philadelphia, PA

Business name Wearing Every Baby

Are you on social media? Instagram: @wearingeverybaby

If someone random came up to you on the street and asked you "what do you do?" What would you tell them? I work at Cloth in South Philadelphia. I assist families with all things babywearing, cloth diapering, and breastfeeding.

What makes what you do/your business unique? I feel like my empathy and understanding makes me unique. I struggled with postpartum depression with my first child and because of that I feel like I have a very empathetic approach to teaching which includes a lot of listening and practicing patience.

What does a "day in the life of" look like for you? My favorite days are those when I feel I have made a real difference for a family. They come to me stressed, desperate, and looking for a break. They may try a few different carriers before they find the right fit. Then they leave confident, comfortable, and cuddly.


How did the CBWS training(s) play a role in your day-to-day "work"? I think my training has had the biggest impact on my listening skills. It has taught me to truly listen without needing to relate it to myself or my experiences.

Any thoughts/inputs you want to share about how you balance your "work like" with your "real life"? I feel blessed that I am so passionate about my work that most of the time it doesn't even feel like work. I feel empowered to do more and look forward to taking the next step.

What is one piece of advice you wish you could share with "pre-CBWS self?" Before my training I felt very ashamed of my struggle with postpartum depression. I never talked about it and just thinking about that time in my life made me cringe. Since my training, I have been able to move forward and felt empowered to use my experience to help others. Babywearing played a huge role in my recovery and that's the main reason I decided to become an educator.