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CBWS Website Updates

news and updates May 10, 2021
CBWS Website Update - Check out the details

Important Updates to the CBWS Website

We've been hard at work on the website these last few weeks, and Bianca spent her Mother's Day weekend making sure our main url,, points successfully to our member site. WOW, that was a lot of heavy lifting! That woman deserves all the high fives!

What's important to know

We still have some work to do on the CBWS website before it's everything we want it to be, but we wanted to let you know right away about the URL changes. Some of our graduates are having trouble accessing the updated site due to the caching in their browsers. 

The good news is that moving forward, all the information you need will be consolidated into one easy-to-navigate website! 

If you have trouble accessing your courses, the website, or any pages, here's what to do: 

  1. Know that takes you to all member content now. If you were previously visiting to access member content, you'll want to update your links to 
  2. If you have trouble loading the website, please clear your cache.
  3. Please email us at [email protected] if you notice any errors on the website. We've done our best to make things seamless, but we're a small team and all too human and fallible! 
  4. If there's information or a feature you wish existed on the site, please email us and let us know that, too! 

Some of the more exciting changes

The visual changes to the site are obvious, but what else is happening? 

First, we're updating the navigation to make everything easier to find and keep track of. We've added some great information about babywearing certification, CEUs, and more.

Next, we've updated our very popular "find a babywearing consultant" link to make it even easier for clients in your area to find you if you are a CBWS babywearing educator. 

Finally, we're adding lots of great content, checklists, and tools to support babywearing advocates, educators, medical professionals, and new parents at every stage of their learning. 

Want to be featured on the website?

We'd love to share your work or stories on our site! One of the areas we are focusing on for 2021 is featuring our graduates as prominently as possible. 

Specifically, we're looking for :

  • Photos of our grads actively teaching babywearing and otherwise working with clients 
  • Stories of babywearing consultants working in their communities. This might be a story about your practice, a powerful moment you've had as an educator or babywearing parent, or any other story or technical article related to babywearing and consulting. We will, of course, link to your website with any story we share on our blog, and you are welcome to link to your content within your article. If you're not a writer but have a great story, it might be a story we can write for you -- just reach out to us!  
  • If you are a CBWS graduate and wish to be listed on the "find a babywearing consultant" tool, please ensure your information is up to date so that people can find and hire you for their babywearing needs. If you need to add or update your information, please log into the graduate portal to find the link or send an email to request a link to the form. 

Want to make sure you are updated when we release free content or launch new classes? 

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