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Newborn Training Live Session - RECAPPED

babywearing business training preview Jan 25, 2022

What happens during a  Babywearing Live Sessions?

Each session is different - based on the needs and questions of those who show up.

We might

  • answer questions about a specific baby carrier
  • dive into a client-specific question
  • explore, in-depth, a new baby carrier
  • take time to network and get to know each other and where we are all (worldwide) and what we do with babywearing. 
  • dig into work-related topics and business specific questions.

This last one is where we focused our energy in the most recent live-session. 

We had a lively and welcoming group of babywearing consultants, non-profit program leaders, IBCLCs, a NICU nurses and an OT from the USA, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

Top of mind this month were two topics: Virtual consultations, and how to reach people before they buy a baby carrier.

Virtual Consultation Tips shared:

  1. Use a Scheduling Software ( Acuity, Calendly, etc) 
  2. Have a automated intake form 
  3. Have quick rundown for your client - what will happen during a session, what they should expect, technical considerations, and anything else they might need to know before you work together.

Option A. Make a quick video (keep it short) - useful if you have already worked with this person. 

Option B. Have a quick guide you send to all clients. Could be either in email, attached as pdf or even hosted with a secret link on your website.

Option C. Do a combo of both options!

  1. Keep Zoom Session on shorter side - to not overwhelm. Some choose to split sessions into two. (Client book 90 min session - do 1 hour session and then follow up with 30 min session a week later.) 
  2. After session, don’t point to a video by someone else. Make you own videos, your videos are good enough! Whatever you wore to the Zoom session is good enough to wear in a video. Joanna often shoots a short video to explain something and sends directly to her clients - and to learning babywearing consultants too. 

Reaching people before they purchase or register for a baby carrier. 

Top answers were NETWORKING with:

  • childbirth educators and lactation consultants
  • prenatal yoga and massage therapists
  • OBGYN's - starting with yours if you have one.  

Before you say, "That is impossible." Know that several people discussed how important it is to ensure you are reaching out and networking from a place of 'win-win' and not only asking them to help you.

Yes, networking and outreach is work - but it isn't hard work. If it was easy and painless then everyone would do it. Those people who keep putting in the time and energy are the ones who make babywearing education, consultation, and guidance work for their communities, and themselves.

One of the babywearing consultant spoke about her efforts in the first 9 months post her training - and how she put her all into the promotion and networking part of her work. She did talks, free babywearing help at some events, worked with others to support thier efforts and before the year was up, she was charging for all that work. Each person will find their own recipe for success -  so long as you put in the time and energy. The good news - during the meeting everyone was excited to jump back into their work. 

 Of course not every thought and question get's answered - although most do. One last pain-point came up at the end of this meeting. I didn't want to leave people with out some thoughts, so rather then leave it unanswered, I wrote a short blog post. If you too are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated - feelings most everyone can empathize with have a quick read here.