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Coming soon! Working with Clients

10 year anniversay celebration events news and updates working with clients Nov 22, 2022
Working with your babywearing clients

Working with clients is the heart of your business. Creating space and awareness for them to fall in love with their baby and babywearing is your job. Yet, you are set adrift to figure it out for yourself. Well no longer!

This course will expand on "How do we know a baby expects to be carried?" You will examine vestibular & proprioception development, prosocial behaviors, state transitions, attachment, recent research, and more. 

We will explore the "Client Zodiac" and the myriad of pitfalls and traps awaiting you when you work with each client style. We will investigate how you can support all your clients, watch for signs of trouble, and navigate toward success. 

We will spend time in each live session going through different situations culled from our collective body of work. Specifically, look for ways to support the client's goals while managing your time and effort. We will have plenty of time to practice new or different communication techniques. 

I will host a demo consultation with a live virtual client with time for class discussion afterward. 

We will meet weekly for six weeks.