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When success arrives, will you recognize it?

babywearing business development Dec 09, 2022

This is an excerpt from Joanna's Journal Newsletter. If you want to receive this bi-weekly newsletter, sign up What does success look like to you?

If we were to play a game of word association - then what do you think when you hear the word success? 

Write it down before you keep reading. 

I recently played this game with a group, and we all wrote down the first few words that came to our minds. Here are some of the group's responses:

Fame. Money. Luxury. Top of the pack. Comfort. Notoriety. Profit. Recognition. Flow. Time. Beach. Puppy. Horse. 

(If you’re wondering if there might have been a tween playing the game with us - you would be correct!)

Now, look at the word associations you wrote. Do they apply to your life and your vision? 

Is that what you want? Is it YOUR definition of success?

In my life, I've had people apply their definition or vision of success to me, my life, and my business. I've had them tell me what I should do to achieve success - their version of success. They make these comments from the assumption that we share the same mental picture. And, rarely are we on the same page.

This is fresh on my mind because it happened to me over the holiday weekend. During our post-dinner conversation, the realization that we have different definitions of success created some vigorous and spirited discussion - leading to insight for us all. 

And if you're wondering if I sit around at dinner parties talking about the definition of success and its impact on our lives and society... Ummm yeah. Lol. I like hearing and discussing different viewpoints - especially with people who want to do so too! The exploration is the fun part. 

Now, what were we talking about? Yes! What does success mean to you? 

If you could summarize your version of success in a few sentences, what would you say? What future are you aiming for?

Are you having difficulty boiling it down? 

Let's see what the dictionary says:

suc·cess  /sΙ™kˈses/  noun
noun: success; plural noun: successes

  1.   the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.


Maybe my questions about success should be: 

  •  What's your purpose? 
  •  What're you aiming for? 
  •  What do you want to accomplish?

 I'm going to add an additional question: 

  •  How will you know when you have achieved success?

 I ask these questions to encourage you to generate awareness.

There are moments in life that are perfect for aimless wandering. However, if you want to go somewhere specific, then you need an endpoint for the map. With the map, you are more likely to arrive where you intended.  

This is a natural time of year to look back and evaluate if you're ending the year where you intended and if you still have some time to make adjustments.

As you think about the new year, ask yourself, "Where do I want to be in a year?" Think about what success will look like to you - in all its forms. Then, confirm you aren't following or being led to someplace you hadn't intended. You want to know your thoughts, purpose, and aim… 

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