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What our graduates say: Starlita Kilpatrick

testimonials May 23, 2020

What is your name?
Starlita Kilpatrick

Which training did you take?

My top three goals when starting this training were ...
to gain more knowledge in proper use and troubleshooting of baby carriers, to gain insights and tools as a consultant, and to build relationships and connections with other consultants.
Joanna was able to help me work towards this goal by ...
offering this class! The homework, online meetings, group practices, etc were all key in helping me work towards my goals.

The biggest tangible change I noticed since attending the training has been ...
the way I approach a consultation, being mindful of being more client-centered in my verbiage.

I would describe Joanna as ...
pleasant, knowledgable, organized, passionate, and compassionate.

I would recommend Joanna to ...
any and all persons desiring to build their knowledge on babywearing and consultancy.

Other comments and feedback ...
I genuinely LOVED attending this class. I looked forward to it weekly. It was such a pleasure! And I learned soooo much!