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What motivates You? Written on a VERY snowy day here in Queens NY

joanna's journal joanna's updates Jan 30, 2022

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The quiet that comes after a big snowstorm* and before everyone gets out to deal with the mess is lovely - really lovely, but not the best part, of course: that’s either hot chocolate or maybe playing in the snow.

What DO YOU think is the best part of the snow?

Sadly the newness wears off quickly, and then the work begins - snow removal and navigating the slippery streets. Kinda like ‘work’ in some ways. 

I am almost ten years into running CBWS shocking, right? Well, it is for me. When the idea was fresh and new in my mind, it was so exciting - the dream is so gratifying. Even the work of building out a business is fulfilling. I have had to work hard to maintain motivation and excitement as the years go by - yet, doing that can be difficult at times.

How you cultivate and manage your motivation is key to long-term success - whatever success is to you. What are your motivation triggers? Do you know?

Likely you have more than a few motivation triggers - all you need to do is look for them. Not with an ‘idealist’ mind, but a detective’s mind. You have to be honest with yourself and even ask a close friend who can help you dig into times you have been hyper-motivated to get something accomplished. 

Listen, my motivation wanes at times - because I’m a human. Indeed, a few times over the years, my motivation was low. How did I use a trigger to get myself excited again and move forward on a few big projects?


I find someone who is a ‘Babywearing education and consultation’ naysayer. I start a conversation and listen to them tell me, ‘Babywearing isn’t that hard - just choose a carrier and use it.’ “Parents don’t need special education to use a baby carrier.’ ‘I wore my three kids, and my clients are fine with the way I help them.’ ‘You are the only one who thinks this Babywearing thing is that important; if it were, then it would already be a thing.’ 

Often I don’t even try to convince them differently - what is the point? Especially if they aren’t curious enough to ask me questions before they dismiss me out of hand. However, there are times I will challenge their statements. Sometimes I will use a scientific fact to back me up. Other times I find myself sharing my vision. For me, it is the dismissal of Babywearing that is my motivator - I might not think so kindly on a few of the people, and yet they did help me find my way again, so in some ways, I am grateful too.

Now, this approach may not be a motivation trigger for you - it might squash your motivation - hence it is critical to understand what gets you up every day and working. 

What do you DO when you need to find your motivation?

Let me know! Share with us via Instagram.  In the meantime, if you are near the blizzard and storms, stay safe and warm - if you live where it is now summer…don’t forget your sunscreen

*This post was written during "Snowbombogenesis" Storm Kenan. Picture/Videos are from Astoria Queens NY.