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A Statement in Support for the AAPI Community

statement Mar 18, 2021

This week, a white supremacist murdered 8 women, 6 of them Asian-Americans. Due to this act of hate, a community is outraged and grieving -- not just in Atlanta, but people throughout the US and the world, and we are grieving with them.

At CBWS, we recognize the violence of systemic racism against the Asian-American and so many other communities. We understand that violence against Asian-Americans is not new, but since the Covid-19 pandemic and the racist rhetoric of our former administration regarding the virus, hate crimes against Asian-Americans have jumped at least 1,900% in our home of New York City.

Our words will not comfort Asian-Americans and other targets of racial violence. But this horrific mass murder reminds us that we have a responsibility to continue listening to marginalized people who share their experiences, and we must continue to self-examine and strive to create an inclusive educational environment that leaves no room for racism. Our work is to strengthen communities through babywearing education, and this includes ALL families and ALL children.

Please use your voices to speak out against racism. Learn about microagressions and address them when you recognize them. Speak to brands, policy-makers, friends, and neighbors about the fetishization of Asian-American and other women. And honor the lives and families of these women by donating to organizations that support the Asian-American community, especially small, grass-roots organizations run by members of the community itself.