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I Had Twins and Could Have Been Your Client

babywearing babywearingconsultant Jan 31, 2023

When having twins, can one ever truly be prepared? That means not only keeping up with day-to-day life, but also having to do everything (baby related) TWICE! Twice the feedings, twice the diaper changes, twice the… crying?

Two hands, two babies isn’t math that adds up.

Think about the leaving the house made me feel overwhelmed. The thought of lugging around a double stroller didn't help. When I saw a friend wearing her daughter on Facebook, and the lightbulbs exploded. I decided to venture into the concept of babywearing with a trip to Babies ‘r’ Us (RIP) to check out the options.

Going in person was so overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start with just one aisle of (limited) carrier styles and options.

I can’t even imagine doing an online search without knowledge about babywearing. I know seeing all the options on the internet, and having no prior knowledge about babywearing, would have completely turned me away. I wouldn’t have known where to start. (Not to mention, some of those prices are $$$.) 

I wrote off babywearing after that first trip. Luckily, my friend and I reconnected, and she gently guided me through wrapping- which was her go-to. I practiced a lot when I was pregnant and felt confident when it came to wrapping my stuffed giraffes. But once the girls were born, I was terrified that I was either going to do it wrong or that I was going to break the babies- or worse, drop them. I didn’t even start wearing my actual babies until she came and showed me how to do it and helped me figure it out. 

Imagine how many other parents must feel the same way. Not everyone will have the advantage of stumbling upon someone with babywearing experience to help them.

The other thing about it is that I didn’t know about the best practices, which I wish I had known. Luckily I didn’t start “too early” with my preemie girls. (But that was only from that crippling fear of hurting the girls.) I didn’t know the benefits of babywearing- or that it is essentially the same thing as skin-to-skin, just without a carrier.

I was a potential client that slipped through the cracks.

I could have been your client.

There was no one I could reach out to who had a specialty with twins or tandem wearing. (There is a difference between knowing how to wear two babies and how to educate that skill properly.) My friend had two children and some experience with tandem wearing, but not enough to “set me free” in the tandem world.

This Tandem Wearing Workshop is essential because not only are we teaching you how to wear two at once, but it helps give you the perspective/mindset of a new, expecting family of multiples, which is vital when trying to serve your clients with multiple children. Click below on the image if you want to join us. There will be two live workshop sessions on March 18 + 19 at 10 AM EST.