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A Personal Invitation to Our Newborn Training 🌟

babywearing news and updates Dec 03, 2023

Hey there! Thanks for popping into the blog. It's Joanna here! 🙋‍♀️ As the creator of both our Foundations and Newborn trainings, I've had the privilege of guiding many people on their journey to becoming skilled and confident in babywearing education and consultation. Today, I'm here to share something close to my heart – our Newborn training program, a course I believe is an essential next step for anyone who's completed our Foundations training. Let me tell you why. 🍼

1. A Deep Dive into Newborn Needs

Our Foundations training covers a broad spectrum of babywearing techniques and styles, including newborn babywearing techniques. However, the Newborn Babywearing Course is my 'expansion pack,' focusing exclusively on the tender early weeks and months of a baby's life with a special focus on the caregiver. 🐣 This program is designed to deepen your understanding and skills specifically for the newborn and introduction of babywearing phase, ensuring you're well-equipped to support new parents before and during this crucial time. 👶

2. Flexibility and Accessibility

I know how busy life can get, so I've tailored the Newborn training to be flexible and accessible. 🕒 The Foundations training requires live participation; however, the Newborn Babywearing program offers a mix of self-paced online videos 🎥 and live Zoom sessions 🖥️. This means you can learn and grow your skills on your schedule without the pressure of strict timelines. Plus, you still have the opportunity to connect with a community, ask questions, and get inspired every month

3. Practical Learning, No Extra Equipment

One of the best parts? You don't need to have a collection of carriers on hand to participate in the Newborn training. 🚫👜 I've designed it to be as practical and straightforward as possible, focusing on knowledge and techniques you can immediately apply to your practice. While our Foundations Graduates will already have the carriers and techniques in hand, I know that for many people, the amount of carriers is a hurdle to starting. In the Newborn Babywearing course, you learn how to structure troubleshooting and what to look for while your clients use their carriers, thus shortening your on-ramp to providing babywearing help and assistance

4. Quick, Impactful Learning

The Newborn course is concise and focused, allowing quick completion without compromising depth and quality. 💥 This means you can swiftly integrate your new skills into your practice, enhancing your ability to support and educate new parents. Our videos all have transcriptions and the option to speed up or slow down the material based on your needs. You can test your knowledge and revisit the material as often as needed. If you are confused, you may join a call and get any needed help.

5. Certifying Your Expertise

Like our Foundations training, completing the Newborn babywearing course earns you a certificate. 🏅 This isn't just a piece of paper – it's a mark of your dedication to your craft. This added specialty tells the families you support that you are committed to providing the best possible support for them throughout the perinatal journey.

6. Continued Support and Community

I'm passionate about building a supportive community. 💞 That's why, in the Newborn babywearing training, you'll find a nurturing and engaging environment with regular opportunities to interact with me, the team, and your peers. 👥 We're all here to support each other in our growth and learning.

Why Newborn Babywearing? 

When I created the Foundations course, I knew I had more to share, and the design of the Newborn babywearing training provides you with more resources to support those in your community. It's a way to empower you to provide the best start in life for the youngest and most vulnerable among us. 👼 If you've enjoyed and benefited from our Foundations training, I personally invite you to take this next step. Join me in the Newborn babywearing program, and let's continue to positively impact families together. 🤝

I can't wait to see you there!