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Doulas - You make the world a better place!

doulas Mar 24, 2022

Doulas - You make the world a better place!

As a doula, you work hard to ensure your families are prepared for the demands of their newest family member. You know the importance of a calm and connected postpartum.

Helping families start out on the right foot is your job.

My job is to make teaching babywearing easy so you can effortlessly help all your caregivers fall in love with baby and babywearing. I do just that with a proven curriculum that is meticulously kept up to date and provides you insights into the newest baby carriers, trends, and research. You will walk away confident to teach all your caregivers!

Making a difference starts with conversations.

Add babywearing conversations to your work and it automatically adds enormous value for your clients. My classes provide you a structure to improve and strengthen your bottom line while at the same time increasing your client's satisfaction. It is a win-win! 

To help you start the conversation I created a free handout just for you!