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Celebrating Black History Month

Feb 04, 2024

Happy February! Here in the USA February 1st marks the start of Black History Month, and we’re excited to shine a light on some incredible historical black leaders over the coming weeks. Let’s remember though, that celebrating black history isn’t just for February. It’s a journey we’re honored to be on and should continue every single day. Let’s keep learning, appreciating, and remembering together!

First Up: Let's honor a true trailblazer this Black History Month: Mary Eliza Mahoney.

Born in 1845 in Boston, she smashed barriers as America's first licensed Black nurse.

Picture this: In 1878, Mary steps into a nursing program, until then a white nursing program, standing out as the only Black student. She didn't just graduate in 1879; she redefined nursing excellence. Mary wasn't just about top-notch patient care; she fought for equal opportunities in nursing - for everyone, no matter their background. In 1908, she wowed the crowd and co-created the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses (NACGN). Her legacy? A spot in the Nursing Hall of Fame in 1976 and endless inspiration for us today. Here's to Mary Eliza Mahoney – a true nursing icon and a symbol of strength and equality. 🌟🩺