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A day in the life of a babywearing consultant

babywearing business development babywearing consultant babywearing educator working with clients Nov 22, 2023

6:30 AM - Morning Routine β˜€οΈ

The sun peeks through the curtains as Alex wakes up to start the day. After a quick stretch and making a healthy breakfast for the family, Alex checks the calendar. It's a busy day ahead with consultations, a workshop, a teacher conference, and content creation for social media.

8:00 AM - Social Media Update πŸ“±

First things first, Alex updates the Instagram and Facebook pages with a tip for new parents about how carrying their newborn is also good for them. Then Alex posts about today's workshop and invites all to join to learn more about babywearing. The posts are well-received, sparking engaging conversations among followers.

9:00 AM - One-on-One Consultation πŸ‘Ά

Alex heads to the first appointment of the day. It's a home visit to a new mother struggling with her stretchy wrap carrier. Alex listens to the mom, and they decide on the best path forward. Then Alex demonstrates a few techniques. After the mom chooses which she is most interested in, Alex teaches her to use the wrap - ensuring the baby is snug and secure while the mother is comfortable. The mother's relief and smile are the best rewards.

11:00 AM - Workshop Preparation πŸ“š

After grabbing a chai tea latte, Alex arrives at the co-working space and prepares for the afternoon workshop. The focus today is on "Babywearing for Toddlers." Alex sets up the space, organizes various carriers for demonstration, and reviews the presentation.

1:00 PM - Lunch Break and Networking 🍽️🀝

During a networking lunch, Alex connects online with other local perinatal experts for their "Lunch and Learn." It's a community of shared learning and support that meets monthly. 

1:45 PM - Teacher Conference

Alex takes a quick call with her kid's first-grade teacher. Happy to hear that, socially, all is well and that overall, academically, her child is on track. Advice to read more is okay with her, as it's one of her favorite things to do at the end of the day. 

2:00 PM - Workshop Time πŸ§‘‍🏫

The workshop starts with enthusiastic parents. Alex leads them through the difference between babywearing a toddler, safety and comfort tips, and time for hands-on exploration. The interactive session is filled with questions and laughter. Toys and carriers are everywhere, and everyone helps to pick them up. 

3:30 PM - Kid Pickup

Time to pick up her kid from school. Alex packs up and drives to the school. Alex gets to see the class artwork, and her child is proud to show their work and that of their best friend. On the way home, Alex hears all about the fun during recess and how her child was the puppy that day - which is a coveted role that the kids must take turns playing. At home, they run around in the backyard for a bit and play on the swings. A much-needed break for them both. 

4:30 PM - Content Creation πŸ’»

Alex settles herself and her kid with a healthy snack of fresh blueberries. Her child is doing their homework: a worksheet and some picture book reading. Alex spends some time creating content for an upcoming workshop. This involves creating a few slides and writing blog posts. Today's topic is "Babywearing for Doulas." The presentation will be done at the next "Lunch and Learn" networking event, and the blogs will become content she can share on her social media platforms.

6:00 PM - Evening Walk and Reflection 🚢‍β™‚οΈπŸŒ†

After prepping for dinner, Alex slides the dish into the oven. Then, the two of them put on their shoes and head out for a walk. It's been a productive day. Alex relaxes on the walk, then they meet up with their neighbors two streets over. The kids run around and play tag while Alex connects with the parent. They each reflect on the day, with Alex sharing how much they enjoy helping new parents. Then it's time to return home, enjoy dinner, and get her kid ready for bed.