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What happens in Group Coaching?

babywearing business development Jun 14, 2024

Each week, or bi-weekly at times, we meet with a loose agenda. Yes, even when we have special topics. Here is why we have a loose agenda: LIFE HAPPENS.

As a group, a short catch-up with planned projects or tasks. You know, a 'where are your key projects now?' kind of catch-up.

The group acts as a sounding board and a buffer against the unreasonable expectations we put on ourselves. We help each other see the bigger picture and details that sometimes get overlooked. In addition, seeing you're not alone in these troubles can help to reduce the comparisons - "She can get it all done, why can't I?" 

Here's an (abbreviated) example:
"I didn't finish my videos for social media. My kids got sick, and I spent my whole week with them. Sarah's kids are sick, but she still generated content. I needed to do more on my marketing."

Do you hear the comparison and unreasonable expectations?

Well, this is the thing: life happens. Kids get sick, you get sick, pets get sick, well, you get the picture. It happens, and then we must adapt and adjust as things come up. It's just that when you see others moving forward, and you're stuck in the 'ick,' it can feel like you're falling behind. 

But, but, but... that mindset is toxic to you and your business. It doesn't acknowledge your bigger picture, nor does it account for you being a person with many demands on their life and time. We are more than our businesses and more than a parent [partner, child, friend...].

"Comparison is an extraordinarily insidious and mean mind trick."

If you're not careful, you'll follow someone else's roadmap - to your own peril because this is your path, not someone else's. Your roadmap is going to be unique.

A word that came up frequently this week was "grace," the concept of giving ourselves grace in the moment. 

Of course, there was more going on this week, too.

We explored the concept: 

"When you serve everyone, you serve no one." 

This seems so obvious, but it's easy to fall into a mindset of believing you're being very specific and clear. But upon inspection, discover you are, in fact, not specific or clear. Yikes. But this is fixable! Thank goodness for peer review!

While we're on the topic of who you serve, we also explored:

"What's unique about our clients? What sets them apart?"

For many businesses, this exploratory 'who is my client' work is done when starting up and checked off the to-do list....but it's never incorporated into the larger marketing and content plan. So, we discussed why this deep understanding of who you're serving is critical to your business's success and identified a few opportunities to tweak our messaging. 

It's exciting and inspiring to see the energy and movement as the group forms connections and seeks collaborations. If you're interested in joining a future group, let us know!

Do you want to grow your business? Are you ready to start a business?

Consider joining us for the fall session of our business groups.

It's magnificent what a person can realize when they embrace their path. Besides being energizing, a business group will help you change your mindset more than you thought possible.