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Wearing Two at Once: A Tandem + Twin Carrying Workshop

events Sep 30, 2022

I went to a consumer event a few weeks ago and met a woman who will soon have twins. She asked me the obvious questions, which I am sure you get asked too.

  • What's the best baby carrier for my twins?
  • What baby carrier is going to be easiest to use by myself?
  • Will my husband be able to use the baby carrier too?

I answered her questions as best I could without overwhelming her. Whichi is not as easy to do as it is to write, lol. She was distracted, on a timeline, and wanted a magic solution.

I wasn't there to sell anything other than knowledge and encouraged her to try on everything she could. She has plenty of time to make this decision as she is only six months pregnant.

She took 10 minutes to try on a few carriers - with a weighted doll - and some guidance. Albeit not as much time as I would have wished.

Ultimately, she ran out of steam and was ready to move on and check out double strollers - something she felt would be practical in her day-to-day. 

As a babywearing educator, was that encounter a success - for either of us?

The answer is partly related to how you define success.

Yes, this was a success within the framework I use to approach twin and tandem wearing.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • I planted some seeds related to her infant's expectations. I know because she paused and considered a few points. So, despite being highly distracted, she did listen to me.
  • I was clear about basic positioning and used an easy and subtle techinque to confirm she understood me.
  • I offered her a different perspective on daily practicality with twins, really any baby, but hey, she was there to talk about twins.
  • I provided her with a place to get further information about babywearing.
  • I encouraged her enjoyment of gear hunting and for all her due diligence.
  • While using her name, I specifically invited her to connect and learn more from me when the time came. 

She signed up for my newsletter - it's a win!

Curious how you too can help families of twins and mulitples looking to tandem wear? I hope you will join Payal, Hedwych, and me for the Wearing Two: Twin and Tandem wearing Workshop. I share my process for successfully teaching families to wear more than one at a time. Each situation is entirely unique - however, I still have a strategy to ensure I don't overwhelm or discourage families and instead focus on inviting them to learn more.

I hope to see you at a future workshop! 💜, Joanna