Welcome to The Working Group!

You want a business on your terms. You want to generate focus, energy, and action.


You will create momentum, nourish yourself, sharpen your strategy, and strengthen your business.

If you're actively working on growing your business.

If you have an established business and want to develop, expand, or evolve.

If you are passionate about what you do but are not quite sure how to market yourself and your business.

If you have lots of ideas - or a loss of ideas, you're stuck, overwhelmed with tasks, but ready to take steps to change and are prepared to accelerate your personal and business growth…

... you're in the right place!

If you've been trading time for money and not making enough money to give you the financial freedom you desire.

If you've successfully attracted your dream clients and are ready to Expand.

If the impostor syndrome monster sometimes rears its ugly head and says, "what if I just got lucky?" or "what if I can't sustain this?"

If you are ready to step up and take action, but fear is holding you back (did I hear "what if no one buys?").

If you are overwhelmed and don't know what action to take next.

If you're flying below your potential while watching other entrepreneurs build a business with half your talent and a tenth of your experience and knowledge.

That's about to change!

This small-group coaching program will help you improve your business, master your mindset, and create the momentum you need to build and expand your business to meet your vision.

I've created the group coaching program I want and need now, and so do you!

You're ready to stop stabbing in the dark and are tired of the guesswork. You want to craft a clear, aligned, and achievable plan. You want a brand that's adaptable as 'life happens' and your goals evolve. You want your life and business to make a difference. You want to generate a significant impact for those you serve.

Join "The Working Group" now!

Which of these statements resonates with you?

✔️ Do you want to create and develop the building blocks - or the evolving blocks - for your business?

✔️ Do you sometimes find yourself held back by niggling self-doubt and limiting beliefs about what you can realistically achieve?

✔️ Are you swamped and struggling to decide where to invest your time, money, and energy?

✔️ Are you looking for aligned guidance from a coach and mentor in your industry who understands the struggles and joys of scaling a business on your own terms?

✔️ Are you dreaming of connecting with others who are building a business just like you?

✔️ Are you crying out for clarity and confidence on what the next steps need to be so you can create a sustainable income with serious growth potential?

✔️ Do you crave a customized road map for your business that best suits your unique voice, desires, and lifestyle?

✔️ Do you want to be challenged (and supported) to break through your mental glass ceiling?

✔️ Are you inspired to upgrade and modernize your mindset, energy, and commitment? 

 ✔️Are you ready to step up and become the ambitious entrepreneur that you were made to be?

I love the passionate, ambitious, honest, darn good person you are and that you're ready to do what it takes to realize your vision!

You can DO THIS! Join "The Working Group" now!

What happens in this small-group coaching program?

12 LIVE weekly group coaching, mentoring, and accountability sessions with Joanna and your peers.

During the 90-minute weekly session, we will explore what's working/what's not; you can share your plans, bounce ideas off others, get feedback and plot your next steps. 

Each session is structured to include group discussion, group coaching, and work time with your accountability partner(s), and then we will wrap up with individual takeaways and action steps. 

Access to my video vault of business-related material.

If there is learning you need to do…then you will have access to all the business material I have ever created!

These on-demand video/audio recordings cover time management, marketing, sales, and working from your strengths…. And so much more.

The videos are a supplement and a starting place for exploring common business topics. Being on demand gives you control of your learning and pace for implementation while making our live sessions a richer experience for you and your peers. 

The group will decide what else is wanted to fill in the learning gaps. I can add the following:

  •  specific recorded material based on the group's needs
  •  invite guest experts to help fill the gaps
  •  a book club to dive into a topic in more detail
  •  group social media events/challenges/activities where we raise our collective voices on specific issues.
  •  Plus, whatever you suggest and the group agrees to……

Transformative exercises to push through limiting beliefs and out-of-date mindsets.

I will share exercises designed to help you move forward as needed. As this is a small group, I can share relevant material that is reactive to the moment, so you get the support you need. 

All exercises are shared with the entire group so that no one will miss anything - if you don't need that exercise at that moment, it might be helpful later. 

Each piece is designed to improve your mindset and maximize your decision-making, problem-solving, and financial potential.

Weekly Accountability Check-in.

Every Friday, we will have a 15-20 minute weekly audio call - no need to worry about your background, what you look like, where you will be, or if you have good enough internet - the call will be voice only. I see this as a 'standing meeting' - short enough that we can all stand while holding the call.

During the check-in, you will be invited to share with the group; "how you are doing with your weekly action steps, what's still left to do, and when you will do your final items." 

These lightening fast calls are meant to keep you on point and focused. You have the opportunity to dive more in-depth during the weekly live sessions.

The check-in call will be fun and help ensure you're not alone as you build your business. 

Let's make this happen!

Is This Small-Group Coaching Program Right For Me?

This is NOT for you if...

  •  You're looking for a magic pill that will grow your business.
  •  You want to figure out everything on your own, even if it takes you ten times longer because you believe your impostor syndrome when it tells you, "you're only successful if you do it yourself."
  •  You don't believe in the power of alignment and mindset and would prefer to work and grind away alone.
  •  You are not ready to break through your limiting stories about why you are not where you want to be.
  •  You don't have at least 20 hours a week to invest in your business.
  •  You don't like receiving feedback and supporting others in a group environment.

This IS for you if...

  •  You're committed to taking action and tackling the big, small, and niggling things.
  •  You're ready to get out of overwhelm and stuck-ness and into clarity and confidence.
  •  You're excited to roll-up-your sleeves to develop, scale, or evolve your babywearing-centered business.
  •  You're eager to upgrade and modernize your mindset, energy, and commitment.
  •  You're exhilarated by the challenge (with support) of breaking through your glass ceiling!
  •  You're ready to draw up your customized road map for your business - one that suits your unique voice, desires, and lifestyle.
  •  You're thrilled to be working with a small group of like-minded individuals taking action and creating momentum in their businesses.
  •  You're looking for a specialty mentor and coach who can provide guidance and partnership to set you on the right track!

Ready to Join? 

When does the group meet?

We are starting now! Every Wednesday through the end of September 10-30a-12p EST!

To ensure the group never grows beyond my ability to provide individualized high-level support for every person, the seats are limited.

The group will meet weekly, with a day/time to be chosen by the group. Questions or concerns: book a call with me!