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Year In Review

Dec 29, 2023

It’s helpful to look back and recognize the big moments of the year, {{ first_name }}. Some people say, “Celebrate the wins.” And certainly do that - even though, for some reason, I’m not a fan of the word “wins,” but I digress… Yes, it’s important to remember the great things you accomplished over the year; however, if you neglect to remember your challenges then you aren’t respecting your journey - it's like cutting a portion of the story out. We can learn so much about ourselves, our coping abilities, and our resilience during and after these hardships. So, yes remember the accomplishments - which are all the sweeter because of your hardships. Remind yourself that you’re a strong, resilient, and resourceful individual. CBWS and I are clearly tied together and as such here is our year in review:

  1. Launched and ran the Babywearing For the Healthcare Worker Program.
    • Two successful pilot programs (program goes public in 2024!😀).
    • 27 healthcare workers trained across five hospitals.
  2. Launched and ran our inaugural “The Working Group”.
    • We met for a total of 26 sessions with everyone staying on for the second session!
    • Everyone found a way to generate profit!
  3. I became a Full Focus Certified Pro - why? Well, YOU, of course!
    • For years, I’ve seen people struggle to manage life, kids, parents, starting a business...etc. I want to help you, and this helps!
  4. Woohoo, I Finished School - often referred to as Graduating! I’m officially a “Holistic Life and Business Coach!” Again, I did this for you.
    • I want you to be successful in your life and work. I’m saddened to see someone walk away defeated. I want you to be different!
    • FYI, I took my practicals and written finals just after my mother passed away. I really don’t recommend you take that path.
  5. I spent 409 hours on business coaching. I’m almost to the PCC certification level.
    • 83% of those coaching hours were working with people making babywearing their business.
    • All clients improved their profit line, gained more free time, and grew their businesses.
  6. I spent 63 hours consulting for 6 different babywearing manufacturers and retailers focused on strategy and operations.
  7. I taught 6 ‘Foundations in Babywearing Education and Consultation’ courses and welcomed 114 people to the ‘Newborn Babywearing Support training ’.
  8. I spent 317 hours on babywearing-specific education this year.
  9. I presented at the ‘NOWs the Time’ conference on the evidence base for babywearing.
  10. I presented to the Developmental Council of Arizona State (NIDCAP nurses) on the evidence base for babywearing.
  11. I spent a wonderful week in Sweden:
    • Meeting with the PR, Marketing, Development, and Compliance teams at Baby Björn,
    • Spent a lovely day with Kerstin Unvas Möberg,
    • A lovely evening with Ulrika Casselbrant,
    • An afternoon with retailer, GOS Butiken, proving that babywearing makes the best friends.
    • And an epic day with Henrik Norholt the CEO of Moova.
  12. I wrote and delivered eulogies for two amazing women who led their lives with purpose.
  13. I wrapped up the year with a brand new Graduate Portal - one of my long-standing wish list items!

I had my fair share of hardships this year and I remind myself I did all these things while dealing with my daunting personal life. It's especially important for me to remember this when the inner-critic-gremlin rears its ugly head. In reality, as you can see above, I only worked 31 of 52 weeks this year.

  • Meaning I took 21 weeks off to do other things, which turned out to be the hardest things I’ve ever done and words won't do it justice.
  • You may have had incredible challenges this year, too. It’s the whirlwind of life - the ups and downs. We live our life on the way to the goals after all.

Sometimes, you have to put your work on the shelf - for a bit. I kept 95% of my commitments, including nearly all the committed face-to-face work I had scheduled.

  • Missing only one of my Foundations classes - who gave me a week off for a funeral at great inconvenience to them too.
  • The Developmental Council of Arizona State gave me a pass on my initial presentation as I was at my mother's bedside during her hospice care.

As you can see, there were ups and downs this year - as is the way. I’m happy to say good riddance to this year, but will bring forward the lessons. I'm grateful to you for being a part of my circle. I wish you well in the coming year. I'd love to hear about your ‘year in review’ at the Soirée on January 8th!