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WORKSHOP! 2024 - An Amazing Year!

events news and updates Nov 03, 2023

2024 is calling you!

2024 asks you not to wait until January 1st to start thinking about what you will do 'next year.'

Do you feel it? 2024 is nudging you right now.

It's saying,

"Hey, I'm only 8 weeks away, and you have a busy, busy holiday season coming….can you give me a bit of attention now, please?"

What would it feel like to indulge 2024 - even for just a few hours?

What might it feel like to ignore 2024 for another 8 weeks? Might 2024 continue to tug on your shirt to get your attention? Saying,

"I will be here in 6 weeks." Then again, "I will be here in 4 weeks." Then again, "I will be here in less than 2 weeks!!!"

2024 is pleading with you,

"What about me? I deserve attention, too, not only this end-of-year celebratory stuff. What will you do with me when I arrive?"

2024 is willing to strike a bargain with you!

2024 says,

"I tell you what, if you give me a bit of floor time now, I promise not to tug your shirt, continually remind you I am coming, or attempt to guilt-trip you for not indulging me until I arrive. Deal?"

So, what do you say to 2024? Will you agree to the deal?

What will you be doing with 2024? Do you want it to be an Amazing Year?! 

What does "An Amazing Year" look like - FOR YOU!???

  • Do you want to seize the natural momentum that comes with the new year?
  • Do you want to make 2024 different than 2023?
  • Do you want to beat the odds? You know the pesky odds that say, New Year Resolutions typically fail. By mid-February, your motivation will be waning, and the whirlwind of life will have swept you up and brought you down to 'reality.'

2024 is telling you it can be different!

2024 says,

"Give me just a bit of attention now, and I will be an easier year. Heck, I will be An Amazing Year. I will be just the right kind of amazing for you."

What kind of floor time is the ambitious 2024 year asking for? Maybe you ought to think about what you might be committing to!?

Fair question. 2024 is asking you to play time-travel during this floor time.

You two will explore what is happening right now. Looking at what day-to-day and week-to-week life is providing you. You two will discuss what is amazing already and what isn't.

2024 will quickly want to get into the time travel aspect, of course, so before you know it, you two will be a spaceship flying up and over the horizon and back through the days, weeks, months, and quarters of 2023.

Now, 2023 is the older sibling of 2024, so there might be some competitive edginess to what 2024 says about 2023, which might irritate 2023. Luckily, you can add a co-pilot to your spaceship to help you get 2023 and 2024 to play nicely. There is no need to do this floor time as the only adult.

After time traveling through 2023, 2024 will want to zoom ahead and discover where they will be going and what they will be doing. I mean, hey, it's fun to go back in time…but not near as much fun as time traveling to the future.

2024 is enthusiastic and eager to tackle the tasks ahead. 2024 feels well prepared since it learned from 2023 about what worked and what didn't.

Time travel is exhausting, and quickly, floor time will be over, and you can put 2024 down for a nap. You'll be ready for a break but energized to focus on the fun to be had in the lead-up to the end of the year—no nagging 2024.

So, what will it be? Will you set aside some time for 2024?

If so, join me for a Time-Travel escapade so you will have An Amazing Year!

When and where does the spaceship take off?

  • We will meet on Wednesday, November 15th, from 4 - 8p EST.
  • Bonus time is Thursday, November 16th, from 4 - 5p. (Time for follow-up questions and gaining additional clarity!)
  • We will meet on Zoom

How long will this adventure take?

  • On Wednesday, we will meet for four hours with a short break in the middle.
  • Thursday, November 16th, is a one-hour clarity session. This bonus time is optional!

What is my investment for this Time Traveling Trip?

  • Pay what you can! We're here to have fun and craft An Amazing Year!

How many seats are there on the spaceship?

  • This is a first-come, first-served situation, so there are a limited number of seats. The co-pilot is particular to small groups.😉

 What will I be doing on this Spaceship adventure?

  • You'll gain clarity about your current life and work.
  • You'll examine where you have been this year. You'll celebrate your achievements - big and small.
    • You'll learn lessons from these achievements so your future - 2024 - you'll be able to make intentional changes or to continue what works deliberately. 
  • You'll look forward and set achievable but exciting goals for 2024. Goals that will bring you outside your comfort zone but not so far outside that it is outlandish. 
  • You'll discover how to craft an effective goal - one that's multi-factored and complex - but completely doable within the constraints of your daily life. 
    • You'll be clear on the differences between projects and goals and why that matters.
  • You'll be guided along the way. As the co-pilot, I'm holding the space so you don't go on tangents, get lost down rabbit holes, or get distracted by other demands - forcing you to put yourself and your desires in last place. 
    • Your fellow passengers will cheer you on and encourage you during small group time. Offering up some camaraderie on this adventure
  • You'll be inspired by what you want to achieve. 
  • You'll walk away clear on where you are going so you may fully focus on the present moment. It is the time of festivity, after all!

Don't miss the adventure! Take a few hours now and prepare so you will make 2024 An Amazing Year!

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