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When holidays come, business still goes on - or does it?

babywearing business development Jun 20, 2024

One recurring topic in coaching and group work is taking time away from work to live life. 

Whether you own a business or not, you need downtime—whatever that looks like for you.

Will you look ahead and build in intentional downtime?

Here is a quote shared during a group session that sparked a fantastic discussion:

 "If you can't take time off, you work for your business."

Yet, the point of working for yourself is to be able to dictate the when and where of your work. Of course, there are times when your business may need your attention more than others. With some planning and diligence, you can manage to step away and even savor the moment away from work. 

The middle of this week was Juneteenth, so we took the day off. 

I knew it was a federal holiday and planned ahead. When I built the calendar for the group, I marked it as a non-working day. Now, maybe some people still worked, but I think most people took the time to be with their families and acknowledge the day. 

In the groups, we see that what works for one person is rarely what works for someone else, with the exception that we all need time to focus on ourselves and our families. Others might spark ideas in us, but in the end, we still have to take action in our daily lives. 

As you look forward, will you plan for your work and your downtime?

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