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What our graduates say: Sochia Dixon

testimonials May 29, 2020

What is your name?
Which training did you take?
My top three goals when starting this training were ...
to learn more about carriers, to learn about evidence-based information surrounding babywearing, to certify
Joanna was able to help me work towards this goal by ...
giving pre-recorded videos to work on before class and in class hands on work too
The biggest tangible change I noticed since attending the training has been ...
I have more knowledge about how many styles of carriers are available and their functions.
I would describe Joanna as ...
I would recommend Joanna to ...
Parents and students looking to learn more about babywearing
Other comments and feedback ...
Joanna really put a lot of thought into her online class. She covered all learning styles and all bases of what students may need. She made herself available to us consistently.