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What our graduates say: Morgan

testimonials May 06, 2020

What is your name?

Which training did you take?

My top three goals when starting this training were ...

  1. To expand my knowledge of babywearing. I wanted to learn about different carrier types & brands, & also learn a few new techniques.
  2. To be more confident & comfortable with babywearing. It's one thing for me to be able to put my own child in a carrier, but I wanted to be more comfortable in helping another caregiver with putting their little one in a carrier. I also wanted the confidence in myself to know that I was doing things correct.
  3. To be able to make my passion become a career. I am still working on this goal, but CBWS has now given me the proper tools to bring babywearing education, consultations, & a lending library to my area.

Joanna was able to help me work towards this goal by ...
Helping me expand my knowledge of babywearing, teaching me proper techniques for wearing, has helped talk me through some of my business ideas, & has boosted my confidence by making me more comfortable in my skills.

The biggest tangible change I noticed since attending the training has been ...
My confidence & comfort in my skills. I am very comfortable with trying new techniques now & helping other people.

I would describe Joanna as ...
knowledgeable, fun, & real. Her knowledge on babywearing: carrier brands, techniques, safety, etc. was AMAZING! She was so much fun during our classes & kept our homework videos interesting! Lastly, she was real with us. She didn't put on a show, hide her mistakes, or beat around the bush on certain subjects. She let us know some of her failures, she always apologized & corrected herself if she made a mistake, & she was always to the point, never left you trying to figure something out. I truly admire that in a person & educator.

I would recommend Joanna to ...
Everyone! I have a few babywearing friends that I know would love this course!