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What our graduates say: McRae Brittingham

testimonials Jun 06, 2020

What is your name?
McRae Brittingham

Which training did you take?

My top three goals when starting this training were ...
Being better equipped to legitimately teach people how to babywear, to save my mental health by having a focus during the pandemic, to be able to charge for babywearing consults

Joanna was able to help me work towards this goal by ...
teaching me all the things, meeting with us each week, teaching me well so that i feel confident charging now

The biggest tangible change I noticed since attending the training has been ...
more attention to detail when I teach

I would describe Joanna as ...
a lot of fun and very kind

I would recommend Joanna to ...

Other comments and feedback ...
Thanks for keeping me sane, I will never forget how this class kept me centered during such a rocky time.