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Up High On A Tightrope For All to See; Yep, That's NYC

news and updates Oct 16, 2013

As most people know by now I am a very happy New Yorker...and I love to introduce the city to my friends.  I get the chance pretty often, as you may imagine.

Here we are perched up on one of the highest floors in a bustling yet small midtown hotel.  True to small space form we used every inch of that room to stash dolls and carriers.  It made me feel at home at least. ;-) 

We went out to do some discussion in the big apple and see if we could grab a decent meal.  So we threw a stone and happened to hit a very tasty Thai restaurant that I happen to adore (but had almost forgotten).  We walked long and hard around the corner and scrunched into the best seat in the house...the window seat of course.  Good food and even better discussion helped to break the monotony of those city views that are usually reserved for the birds.  I dare say I had to compete with the sunset a little each day.

We had many thoughtful discussions and some wonderful triumphs.  I can truly say I had a blast with Eric, Jolyn, and Tamara.  Thanks guys!