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Father's Day Feature: Eric Peterson - Joanna's hubby!!!

father's day Jun 17, 2018

I am sure you have some awesome stories being married to a Babywearing Educator. Do you have a funny story to tell us? Joanna always packs everything for us and there was one trip where I forgot to put the carrier bag into the rental car. This meant we only had the carrier she used to get to the car, a ring sling, for an entire trip. Think about it; one carrier two kids, two adults. Lucky our son was fine with walking!  Needless to say, I still get needled about that slip-up! 

If you could only own ONE carrier which one would you choose? If I had to own only one carrier, it would be a Mei Dai.

What are you jamming to these days? These days it's The Clash on any given day.  I vacillate between them and The Who.

What’s your favorite quote/mantra/inspiration? "Try? NO…do or do not, there is no try.” Yoda

What’s next for you? Well, I have my last two semesters of Nursing school left then I plan to go and begin my slow takeover of the healthcare industry.

Anything else you want everyone know about you: Not much to me really, just a simple guy trying to raise my family to be a positive force for the future.  I kind of see that as my job now, to treat this moment as humanistically as I can, while teaching my children that the future will rely on them to do the same.