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Coming Soon! Carries & Carriers

10 year anniversay celebration babywearing carries & carriers events news and updates Nov 22, 2022

In this class, we will dive deep into more carries & carriers. Building on the 'foundational' model, I will explicitly teach you step by step how to do more with wraps, buckles, rings, and ties. 

At heart, I'm a babywearing enthusiast and love love love to dive into carries and carriers. This will be that: us doing and talking babywearing and baby carriers. 

The goal will be for you to be confident and ready to expand your offerings and provide a wide-ranging babywearing program for your clients.

Each week you will get access to my teaching videos, so you can jumpstart your exploration and come to our live session ready to play and explore. 

We will meet virtually weekly and spend two hours working on technique, troubleshooting, and teaching. In each class, you will have time to practice teaching others, get feedback and have time for questions.

We will meet weekly for five weeks.....unless I add a few more carries. πŸ˜‰