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What happens during the weekly business group: Workload.

babywearing business development Jun 27, 2024

This week in ‘what happens in a business group?’ brings us to: Workload.

How much time can we - realistically - spend on our work? I ask, “What kind of work are you referring to?”

You know, do you mean the customer facing work or the business building work? Because we do need to both, after all.

That’s the rub. In order to host classes, consults, play groups, info sessions, and still have to time to work on the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff - like answering messages, building flyers and creating social posts something seems to give. There are also the other demands on your time as well. So yeah, workload is a challenge.

Although, it’s a nice challenge to have in some ways.

But to the nuts and bolts - the challenge is that we only have 24 hours a day. And one person’s 24 hours are not your 24 hours. So comparison has no friend here.

How do you structure your time so that you have the right amount of ‘in-the-business-time’ (those classes etc.) vs ‘on-the-business-time’ (the behind the scenes stuff) while also dealing with the other priorities in your life? YEEK! It’s might feel overwhelmingly impossible, but it isn’t! Hear me out.

One thing to know is that where you are now is not where you’ll be in a few months or even years. So, in order to make the best for you right now, you need to be realistic about what’s achievable. Do a time assessment. What are you doing every day? where is your time going now and what can change, and what can’t?

Whether you are looking to spend more or less time in your business or in a different part of your business it doesn’t’ matter for the time assessment. Just a simple: what am I doing?

After you understand where your time goes you can then creat a plan to move you toward what ‘workload’ you desire.

Are you looking to work 5 hours a week? Or 40? Are you starting at 5 and growing to 40? This matters!

Some will say, If I can’t do 40 hours what’s the point? Some will spout the opposite: “if I have to work 40 hours - then never mind!”

But here’s the thing: your business your journey.

If you look at your time and realize: “I only have 7.5 hours of available time and it’s not consistent or at hours where people will want to pay me.” Then your next step is to identify what is possible with the time you have, and how to find a bit more during the times you believe people will be interested in learning from you.

Sounds simple enough and it can be, but often it’s hard because of competent priorities. Kids. Family. School. Housework. Etc.

In the group, we discus what the competing priorities are, how they impact things like your energy levels, then explore what is possible based on your reality now. Not what it might be in a few years when your kids all go to school, or when your kids are no longer sick.

Creating, working on, and the growing a business that works around your life means a) you have to do some work (obviously) b) that you will prioritize your work, c) be honest about what is doable with the time you have set aside to work.

If you have a newborn baby at home and know that you want to grow into a thriving business that centers babywearing, it might be overwhelming to see what’s doable now and how that will connect in the future. We see a lot of disconnect for people when they want the future now, even though that isn’t goign to be a fun and rewarding experience for them.

If you are reading this and thinking… umm now what?
Do a time audit and see what and where you time is going now.
Find the number and times you are available to work in and on your business - realistically.
consider where you want this business to go, and then what needs to happen now so that the future can happen,
Join a community to support you!


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