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Babywearing Biz Group Highlights

babywearing business development Jun 06, 2024

Wonder What Happens in a Biz Group?

We're a few weeks into our second series of the year. I will share some details if you're curious about what we might be doing. We had a productive week!

Across the board, there were discussions about: Selling.

I'm thrilled to share that we made significant progress in our strategies and mindsets.

Pretty much no one enjoys selling - especially when it feels like you're a used car salesman (no shade to that profession - but it doesn't feel good in our industry.) Sales can feel awkward. We explored different approaches and techniques. We also reframed our mindset on this block and focused on solving problems - from our authentic selves and experiences.

Exploring Other Business's Sales Practices

We examined how other businesses in our space currently approach ‘selling’ and what we can learn from this examination. Some will shift away from sales, discounts, and giveaways - which are well-known for generating awareness among the wrong clients. We continued our discussion about who we serve and why.

Managing Overwhelming Calendars and Priorities

Who among us isn’t a tad overwhelmed, at least at times? Turns out most of us were feeling swamped. 

We reviewed the mind-blowing number of to-do's on our lists and our out-of-control calendars. We took time to tease out a few key priorities that are achievable, and relevant to tackle over the next few weeks. The group will keep each other accountable on Slack making, agreeing to share when they hit a wall, or hit on a bit of a challenge.

We vented and committed to learning more about the: Changes in Google Search.

Yep, yet again, Google is changing things up. For a few members of our group, this switch-up isn't such a big deal as they are in the start-up phase. However, several of our members are established businesses, and the question: "What’s changing with Google Search?" was a big topic. One that we all committed to exploring both on our own and as a "special topic." 

Every few weeks, we dive deep into a special topic - we'll look for a guest speaker or other resources and then hash out our takeaways and what our next steps will be, if any.

If you're a business owner or looking to become one, consider joining us for the fall session of our business groups.

It's incredible what a person can accomplish when they have support and accountability. Besides being fun, a business group will push you further than you thought possible.