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Clarity on Sling Recall

Jun 07, 2024

 The CPSC issued a 'Sling' recall. This is an all-hands-pay-attention moment for us.

Recall Details:

  • Reason: The recalled slings pose a risk of infant suffocation and fall hazards, violating the Federal Safety Regulation for Sling Carriers.
  • Where: This sling carrier is sold through via the Joybuy Marketplace Express.
  • Link to Full Notice: Sling Carriers Recall Notice

I urge you to check if any of the affected products are part of your inventory or if any of your clients might be using them.

I'm relieved that the CPSC has issued a recall for this specific carrier and carrier design. 

Whether you're a babywearing Enthusiast, Advocate, Peer Supporter, Educator, or Consultant, you're engaging caregivers in your community. Below, I address a few points in hopes of providing you some clarity before you encounter questions about this recall or someone using this carrier.

It's disappointing that this carrier, this-inexpensive-and-available-on-a-trusted-website carrier, is still available for purchase in 2024. But it proves how critical it is to expand knowledge and carrier education in our communities.

I hope the following points will help reduce some confusion:

  • The use of 'Sling' here is likely confusing for consumers and maybe even you.
    • Think of it as a generic descriptive term like 'glass.' There is no consensus on the definition of 'sling.' Sling doesn't describe one style of baby carrier but rather is a synonym. 
  • The design of this baby carrier is similar to a long, low-slung duffle bag. It doesn't allow for the safe positioning of an infant. Current evidence-based practice is to wear a newborn infant in an upright, tummy-to-tummy, and supported position that maintains the ABCs—Airway, Breathing, and Circulation of the infant.
  • Due to the fact that this carrier can't provide a safe position for the infant, this carrier style is fundamentally flawed and doesn't represent the current best practices for infant carrying. 

Hopefully, You will not see these carriers or need to offer clarity, but like you, ensuring the safety of our little ones is our top priority, and we feel it is important for you to be informed.