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WORKSHOP: "Fall" into the best Quarter you've ever had!

business news and updates Aug 12, 2022

What would it feel like to have an Amazing Fall Season? 

What does Amazing look like - FOR YOU!???

Is your babywearing business ready to take some big steps? Are you ready? Do you have a solid-actionable-mapped-out plan for the Fall season?

  • When you sit down to work - do you know the next action to take?
  • Are you confident you know what to focus on in order to get you to that Amazing Fall Season?
  • Are you putting other priorities before your business - and then not meeting your goals? 
  • What if life throws you a curve ball?
  •  Are you ready to focus on making your babywearing business thrive?

Let's workshop this!!!!! 

I have a system to help me keep short and long term goals in focus and understand what to work on NOW

Over the last 10 years, I've built a business that works around the other priorities in my life. A business doing what I love - it's fun, mentally challenging, helps others, and I'm excited to jump out of bed to do my work. I do all this on my own terms. 

I want that for you too!

I get a lot of questions.

When I stopped and dug into the questions I get the most -  I honestly thought it was going to be: "What is the best baby carrier?" Hahaha - but nope that was not it.

I get the most questions about building a solid babywearing related business. 

I can help you make your Fall the season you knock out of the park. (Some fun baseball metaphors here.😅)

The thing is you are not me: you are building YOUR business - not mine. Only YOU know what you want to do and how to get there. I created this workshop to help you get in action. To help you maintain excitement for your dreams.

Do you have a babywearing business? Do you want to have a babywearing business, but have yet to make it happen? Are you a Babywearing Educator, Consultant, Retailer, or Manufacturer?

Then this workshop is for you! This workshop will help you narrow down your goals and plans for the Fall so that you can focus on the actions and steps needed to have the powerful Fall season you want.

What will happen in this active and focused workshop?

  • We will dig into what's most important for the near future - the fall season.
  • Pair down the priorities.
  • Brainstorm the projects, constraints, and potential curve balls. 
  • Create an action plan.

We will do this together and during the workshop. This will be an active exercise - one that you can repeat yourself as you move forward. You will work. I will hold you accountable to the thinking and planning needed to make your dream happen. It will be fun. 

I will guide you as you make the best babywearing business plan you can imagine!

I hope you will Join me on Tuesday September 6th, from 11a-1p est.

Yes, the seats are limited - you know I like small groups!!!!