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3 Words to Rule Them All

Dec 31, 2023

 It’s Time to Say Farewell to 2023 and Hello to 2024

This means it’s time for new words!

If you’re saying, huh? What are you talking about? I got you.

Here is a short explanation before I share my words with you.

As part of my new-year-prep

I find three words that will become my signposts for the coming four quarters.

Let me share how I use these words in my daily life and over the course of the year.

The three words are acts, not goals.

The words are not goals, they embody what I want to bring forward in my life. Where I’ll put intentional focus, in areas I want to develop or nurture.

Commonly though, I hear people think of them as goals. But, if they were goals then many, many more words would be needed… so they don’t work as goals.

The three words help guide my decisions.

When presented with something new and shiny, before I say yes/no I will consider how the new ’shiny thing’ fits in with the intentions I’ve set. If I’m feeling lost, overwhelmed, or pulled in several directions, these words help me to find the path again - drawing focus to an ‘act’ that I’ve predetermined is important to me.

I write the words daily.

This is the hardest, but most important, part of making the three words serve you. Writing them out helps to build the kinesthetic and intrinsic connection with these new guideposts. Typing them doesn’t work. Writing once and then looking at them occasionally doesn’t work. Write them out - I do it daily in my planner, and on post-it notes where I drink my morning coffee. I put them in front of me when I am setting up my week. Visual is key. Repetition is key.

I can hear you saying, “for goodness sakes, what are the words already?” Lol.

Ok, Drum roll please.🥁


Mend, verb, (transitive verb)

to free from faults or defects

a: to set right

b: to put into good shape or working order again: patch up

c: to restore to health

"2023 was rough mentally, emotionally, and physically for me. For that matter, the last 9 years I’ve lived the ‘sandwich’ life trying to navigate caring for my parents, aunts, and kids - plus running CBWS. So, yeah, it’s time to mend myself - time for way more than basic self-care."


Specificity, noun


a: the quality or condition of being specific

b: specific, adjective: free from ambiguity

"This word is pretty straightforward. It also holds a strong memory associated with it, specifically 😅 from a very dear mentor who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from West Nile virus. He drilled the concept of specificity into me many years ago. I feel it’s time to revisit and dive deeper with this idea. Heck, if you’ve trained with me you have felt his presence even if you didn’t know it."


Write, verb, (transitive verb) ËˆrÄ«t

1. a: to form (characters, symbols, etc.) on a surface with an instrument

   b: to form (words) by inscribing characters or symbols on a surface

2. to set down in writing

a: Draw up, draft

b: to be the author of: compose

c: to express in literary form

d: to communicate by letter

"I find the act of writing to be both the base of my work and also a core part of my creative self. I’m moving forward and embracing this act. Another mentor from days-gone-by encouraged me to explore this medium and well, I’ve decided to dive back in."

There you have them, my 3 words this year.

I hope you’ll consider exploring this exercise, it can be very powerful. I want to give a big shout out to Chris Brogan for this exercise! He started this many years ago. I find it very grounding and hope you check out his explanation and work too.