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10 year Anniversary

10 year anniversay celebration Mar 17, 2022

10 years ago, I clicked the buttons, wrote the paragraphs, opened a bank account, made my first investment in the business with $500, paid the government new-business fees, and made the Center for Babywearing Studies an official business.  It would be another 6 months before I taught my first Foundations in Babywearing Education course. In my mind, this month is a 'technical' 10-year-anniversary, and September is more official, lol, so I plan to celebrate all year. 

The 10-year milestone couldn't have happened without you. Your commitment to the families in your community and your love of babywearing is the fuel that makes CBWS run. Still to this day, we all "Make a Difference - one family at a time." 

Starting a new business can be scary - it was terrifying for me. I was scared I would fail, scared no one would care about what I have to share with the world. I was wrong - whew. You all care! You care about bringing babywearing to more people, sharing the beauty of the simplicity that is the support of caregivers in understanding their baby and themselves through the activity of extended contact. When I considered how much I would be helping you and the people you serve, the choice to start a new business became easy.

I still have a strong why today, which is critical to extended commitment. I believe - and I think you do too - that:

A birthright for baby and caregiver. Our bodies expect it, are created for it, and our 'systems' have to work harder without it. 

I want to shout from rooftops (NYC doesn't have mountains) that we could make kinder and healthier societies by starting life with no separation and encouraging frequent and extended carrying. Yes, I know babywearing won't solve all our problems. Still, I refuse to discount the possibilities for healing, healthy attachment, and stronger individuals as baby and caregiver grow up in a nurtured relationship. 

Yes, we still have to work on the other societal issues, but we can do both simultaneously. We shouldn't wait to start encouraging the use of babywearing until we fix all the other problems! 

I have had the pleasure to train over 1000 people. The CBWS community is a wide-ranging collective of people who have at least one thing in common - babywearing. That is our focus. We are passionate. 

While my original dream has evolved some - but not as much as I would have expected. Many goals have not yet been reached.  

I envision a larger CBWS business model, more voices, and offerings! 

I imagine:

babywearing consultants - in more spaces 

babywearing programs - in more spaces

more research to provide a solid evidence base for the ingrained biological expectations of the dyad (although perhaps we shouldn't need this proof)

and I imagine myself doing more to support YOU - the babywearing consultant. 

 THANK YOU 🙏 for being a part of my last decade! I am excited to continue this journey with you and look forward to a new decade.


No-one gets anywhere alone. Grant me a short pause to share my gratitude for:

the CBWS graduates and community.

Also thanks for you help, support, and belief in the mission:

Bianca Fehn, Amy Takemoto, Katie Ocampos, Angelique Liu, Jess Quigley, Payal Shah, Hedwych Veeman, Carey Shofner, and Leslie Greene

Vesta Garcia, Beth Leistensnider, and Britt Pegan who pushed and encouraged me toward this path when I felt all was lost back in 2012.