Bring your Dreams to Life!

 You'll generate clarity, momentum, and confidence in this 4-WEEK SMALL-GROUP COACHING PROGRAM.

Are you ready to make babywearing education, non-profit, retail, or manufacturing a part of your life and work?

Do you have loads of ideas - but don't know how to turn them into a thriving business?

Well, you're in the right place!

The first 2024 sessions will begin the week of January 8th, 2024!  

I've created an action-oriented space focused on strategy and business structure in a group coaching program. Basically, what I wished I had at the beginning of my journey!

If you're ready to step into your purpose, make a difference, and substantially impact your life and business, join the "Dream to Action!" group now!

Not sure if this Small-Group Coaching Program is Right For You?

NOT for you if...

  • You're looking for a magic pill that will grow your business.
  • You believe "you're only successful if you do it yourself." And you don't like feedback or supporting others. 
  • You believe your dreams aren't worth the investment. 
  • You don't have at least 8-12 hours a week to invest in your dreams.

IS for you if...

  • You know it's your purpose to make a difference in your community through a babywearing-centered business.
  • You believe your dreams are worth the investment.
  • You know this will require some good old-fashioned elbow grease, but you're ready to put in the time and effort.
  • You're looking for a specialty mentor, coach, and group to provide guidance and partnership.

So, what happens in this small-group coaching program?

We meet 4 times over 4 weeks. We meet LIVE on Zoom for the weekly group sessions.

  • During each 75-minute weekly session, you'll have time to 'think out loud,' share your plans, bounce ideas off others, get feedback, and plot your next steps. 
  • On-demand video lectures help you master your time, identify your niche, and attract more dream clients.
  • Powerful weekly exercises to move you forward. Since it's a small group, I can share relevant and reactive material so you get the support you need.
    • All exercises are shared with the entire group so that no one will miss anything.
  • Weekly accountability sessions on Slack.
    • Keeps you actively thinking about your work. You can dive deeper during the weekly live sessions.
    • Helps ensure you're not alone and enables you to build a community of support. 

OK, when do we meet? What day? What time?

To ensure the group never grows beyond my ability to provide high-level individualized support for every person, the seats are limited.

The first 2024 sessions will begin the week of January 8th, 2024! 
Yay! They'll run for 4 concurrent weeks.

Your group will meet at ONE of the following days and times (all times are listed in EST.):

  1. Tuesdays: 12p  - 1:15p

  2. Fridays: 10a - 11:15p

  3. Fridays: 12p - 1:15p

  4. Sundays: 4p - 5:15p

After you sign up, you'll be invited to choose your top choices for the day/time you are interested in joining.

If you have questions or concerns, book a call with me!