Why CBWS babywearing certification? 


CBWS focuses on high-quality training for professional educators and healthcare workers.

Whether you are brand new to babywearing, want to add babywearing to your current work, or desire more confidence in your teaching methods, the CBWS courses are here to help. Our rich, layered, evidence-based curriculum will simplify and shorten the process of becoming confident as a babywearing educator. 

Our courses exist for everyone, but especially those connected to baby carrying, infants, toddlers, and their families. 

Why Become a Certified Babywearing Educator?

We created a babywearing certificate program for healthcare and other professionals whose clients, employers, or nonprofit programs prefer the confidence of a standardized baby carrying curriculum. Adding a CBWS Babywearing Certification to your practice will help you better support the families you serve. You will consistently move your clients from overwhelm to ah-ha, freeing them up to enjoy their postpartum with ease.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes information about:

  • neurobiological effects of carrying on both babies and caregivers

  • infant hip and respiratory system development

  • public health implications of baby carrying

  • effective teaching strategies that demystify carrying for families new to baby carriers

  • trauma-informed approaches to working with new families

  • considerations for starting a babywearing consultancy or adding baby wearing services to an existing practice

  • a comprehensive overview of the most popular commercial carrier styles and discussion of variations you may encounter

  • a broad overview about the research related to infant touch, family bonding, and carrying

  • information about kangaroo care

  • essential considerations for babies born preterm or with special health needs

  • . . . and so much more

Working with one family at a time is a powerful way to impact the families in your community.

Helping new families, caregivers and providers find the 'ah-ha' moment with their baby is a wonderful feeling.  Bringing families together to share and learn from each other helps normalize the practice of babywearing. Your work facilitating a physical and emotional bond between babies and caregivers has enormous public health impacts, making babywearing educators an integral part of the early parenting network in your community.

Since the dawn of humanity, communities have shared information about carrying babies with one another. Today, countless individuals throughout North America share babywearing knowledge with friends and family or through volunteer positions in their communities. Many of these volunteers are experts in their field and excellent teachers. CBWS will never replace the grassroots work those educators do; that is where we started too.

CBWS, and the CBWS Babywearing Certification, exist to help build up babywearing education as a profession. We envision a world where people who don’t have the privilege of volunteering can still pursue their passion for teaching families how to stay connected with their babies while earning an income. Part of that vision is for every caregiver who connects with pregnant parents, infants, and even toddlers to have a well-rounded knowledge of babywearing and the confidence to talk about it with the families they serve.

Ready to learn more about our courses?

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