Newborn Babywearing Training

Birth to 3 months is a whirlwind of adjustment!

Babywearing smoothes the transition and can take the 'edge off' the difficulties of the 4th trimester.

You will discover babywearing as a powerful personal assistant for your clients, or your family.

Join the Newborn Babywearing Course

“I'm excited to update this course and bring it online! I initially launched Newborn Babywearing for Perinatal Professionals in 2017 as a live in-person course. This online course will be even better! I've been working virtually with babywearing education since 2016, long before COVID-19 upended the world. I promise you the class will fun, interactive, highly educational, and professional.”  

Joanna McNeilly

I'm excited to move this training online! 

Working with new parents, parents-to-be, and caregivers is rewarding!

The work evolves, continuously. You have to keep up with all the latest and greatest: from gear to science, and now cleaning protocols!

Have you skipped the the baby carrier 'trend' because it's difficult to master and think all carriers are basically the same? Ack! Don't do that! You may have missed a key way to assist your clients in a smooth transition to parenthood.

Babywearing is powerful partner during the newborn phase or the 4th trimester. Don't leave it out!

We don't believe babywearing is a trend.

Babywearing is essential in assisting the caregiver and the baby to adjust to their new reality:  

Life outside of the womb.

Incorporate newborn babywearing education into your work. Make a greater impact for those families and caregivers you help.

Use babywearing yourself when you are caring for an infant!

  • More parents are buying carriers.
  • More parents plan to use their carrier in the early days/weeks.
  • Parents expect babywearing to be easy.
  • Parents expect YOU to know how to use carriers.

The sheer number of babycarriers on the market can be overwhelming to both you and your clients! 

On my last trip to a local big box store, I found over 15 different carriers in a heavily picked over carrier section. The online site had even more! 

Go to a store that specializes in baby carriers, and you could easily find 40+ carriers!  Each month there is a new carrier out on the market.

How do you keep up?

You start here. I am here to demystify babywearing for you! 

Who is this course for?

This course is for you, the perinatal professional. You have to juggle continual learning in so many aspects of your work. Let the baby carrier part be my job!

Why Newborn Babywearing?

The 4th trimester is a unique period for babies and their caregivers. During this time some special consideration is warranted, especially when adding a carrier or sling to the mix.

If you don't work with newborns in baby carriers and slings every day, then we know it can be challenging.

This course is designed to give you the confidence to speak about babywearing and baby carriers in a clear and concise way.  Just as your clients would expect.

Your clients have done some research; enough to know if you know your stuff. Let me build that language for you!


Virtual Live Sessions

Every month there is a virtual live session dedicated to the Newborn Babywearing Course. Explore carriers. Ask questions. Get clarification. Come once, come every month, your choice!

Your time. Your needs. 

Community Support

Group support and connection is nice in good times, and critical in tough times. The community support helps you keep up to date and invested when you need it most. 

Live monthly Zoom Meetings and get support in our Slack Community.

Make babywearing easy!

New families are born everyday. They need your help to make the transition into parenting easier and less stressful.

Babywearing should be easy and add to their joy, not add stress or be a waste of money.

You can make babywearing easy for your community!


Key components of this course

In this fun and interactive course you will:

  • have access to pre-recorded video to watch on your time schedule.
  • have access to a Monthly Virtual Live Session where you can ask questions, explore new carriers, and hear how others are using this material in their work. You may attend once or every month, this is an optional bonus to your training.
  • have a greater understanding of what babywearing is vs baby transport, and why that matters to your clients.
  • be able to speak to why there are so many options, and how they may fit each person differently.
  • walk away with the rationale behind the 'benefits' of wearing babies.
  • be up to date on positioning and safety guidelines.
  • examine the 'transition to the world' from the babies point of view and how the carrier can support the new family during this transition.
  • explore how wearing and holding reduces crying in the 4th trimester.
  • examine carriers, sling, and wraps and what is unique about their usage during the newborn phase.
  • learn about the additional carrier styles on the market.
  • work on troubleshooting the most common carriers you encounter. Ensuring your clients are comfortable. Plus, building your confidence around these issues.
  • practice your language around introducing your clients to carriers and in assisting them.
  • walk away with an action plan for immediate implementation into your work.

Plus, you will have access to a great community who understands your work. I know you love working with the families you help every day. I want to support you in this journey. However, I also understand how overwhelming babywearing can be for those who don't want to 'dive all in.' Let me make babywearing easy for you and your clients!