Everyone says “show me the research!” We agree!

To that end we are helping to find, facilitate, form, and finance early infant development research that specifically includes at least some components of babywearing.  By being involved early in the research process we can anticipate the unique questions needed for ease of replication and verification of the research that scientists not familiar with babywearing can easily misunderstand or overlook.

  • Find: We are actively seeking scientists to tackle the deep burning questions around early infant development, including but not limited to babywearing.
  • Facilitate: We have already helped researchers find the correct people to answer the questions needed to move forward on their research. Let us know if we can help you.
  • Form: We hope to build on these relationships to encourage research where further study could help answer compelling questions about the early formative months.
  • Finance: Yes, we hope to help finance scientists and their research over the years and help them to connect to others for financing as well. We consider research critical and want scientists to continue to study our favorite topics. Often large grants or foundations will only accept research that already has other financing, so we hope we can help some.

Those who know, know that real research takes time to produce evidence, so keep checking back over the years as we talk about research that is in discussion, on going, and one day complete!


For our educators, retailers, manufacturers, and scientists we will launch a collaborative online database of research papers and articles. Having everything in one location and fully tagged will help us all save time and energy. We look forward to working together and sharing this!