Welcome to the Center for Babywearing Studies

We believe strongly that the early infant stage is an important and critical time for families and we want to help others make the most during that time.  By training providers and consultants in the best proven methods for babywearing we can make a positive impact one family at a time.

We offer first-class babywearing consultant training so that providers and consultants will be best prepared for today’s clients. Our courses are customized to the unique North American market and are ideal for: Retailers, Manufacturers, Midwifes, Nurses, Doulas, Lactation professionals, and Babywearing enthusiasts.

We encourage you to look around and see what we are so excited about. Please feel free to send an email if you have further questions.



At the heart of all great relationships is communication. Join us to strengthen your positive and neutral language base so that your consultations will be an enriching experience for both you and your clients.



Our graduate community is an integral part of the puzzle for our grads. With a shared sense of connection we foster a wonderfully positive and safe space for all to explore their successes and challenges.



Expanding your toolbox each step of the way is our methodology. Adding to your experience in a open and respectful way that includes discovery, sharing, and the sharpening of your craft.

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