Join me for the first of our Exclusive Graduate Sessions during our "Creative Classes for your Community" webinar as we tap into your imagination, your authentic self, and flesh out your ideas for creating the perfect babywearing class for you and your community

I’ve learned a lot by teaching classes over the last 20 years. I have learned that distilling an idea into something bigger takes a bit of brainstorming (and is greatly benefitted by having a great process to help you work through it). I learned that putting together the content for a class is much easier if you use a few simple steps. 


Learn What It Takes to Deliver an Engaging Class 

  • The babywearing industry is ripe for growth, and we are a part of this path.  A great deal of this growth is coming from individuals, just like you with their own classes to offer their communities.
  • Building out class material isn’t as hard as you’re thinking, IF you have a strong plan and a framework. I’ll give you one. 
  • Walk away from this webinar with a solid outline of how to build your own class, some setup advice, marketing advice, and much more!
  • There will be time for your questions and comments!


YES, This Will Be Recorded 


This 90 minute webinar is LIVE at 8:30pm ET Tuesday (May 12th), I know you will not all be able to join me at this time so we will record this. You have to sign up NOW to get a copy of the recording, though.  I am asking you for $20, but I will give you loads more value than that as I hope you already know!


Join me and we’ll have a blast and learn some great stuff along the way too!


Hope to see you there!

Joanna and your CBWS team