The answers to these questions will help me to craft a training that is relevant to your business needs and wishes. 

Please have each person from your business who is attending the training complete this form personally. 

I will NOT share this information...EVER.   I am looking forward to a fantastic training!

Thanks,  Joanna

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I am looking to get a sense of what types of carriers you are comfortable with and also where you are not as comfortable. Is your experience mostly based on helping others or personal use? Do you do most help in person or online/over phone. No right answers here just information so I can build a class to best suit you.
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If I have missed some of your business goals here, which is very likely, please add them below in the "Tell me at least one thing you hope to gain from this training" section. Working together towards your goals and adapting for them during the class will help us all to have a more productive training, and hopefully more productive businesses.
You may tell me as many things as you want too:-)
To be fair I will share: I happen to never get a cliche right and often tell jokes wrong but still find myself telling them! Beware I am likely to bring this up in the training! :-)