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Instagram Take Over #1

Instagram Take Over #1

Meet our first #InstagramTakeOver CBWS graduate. 

GO BABY GO SHOP is a retail store located in San Antonio in Texas. 

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Please introduce yourself quick and your biz :)  

I'm Liz and I own Go Baby Go in San Antonio, Texas.  Priscilla is my go-to-gal & my social media goddess!  Together we bring babywearing, cloth diapers, lactation support and natural parenting to the masses.

Why did you start your business?

 I was a customer before I was the owner.  I loved everything about GBG because it helped make babywearing & cloth diapering more readily available. I'm so proud of how far we've come--I bought my business from Diane, who subsequently launched Beachfront Baby water carriers.  She started the business in 2007 to fill the babywearing and cloth diaper void in our city. We have introduced so many new products and small companies that we believe love and believe in.

What is the best part about being a babywearing consultant?

We love empowering moms through babywearing, no matter if it is their first or fourth kiddo.  Our CBWS training has given us the tools to do an even better job to better serve moms and their specific needs so that they can leave our shop fully prepared to wear their babies safely and securely. Seeing the look on a mama's face when she finds the carrier that works best is priceless!  

What is the babywearing scene like where you live?

We are blessed with an extremely active and loving babywearing community.  We have a great relationship with our local BWI chapter, and it makes it so comforting to send our customers out "into the wild" knowing there is a community out there to embrace their new journey. Many customers come in after stopping a babywearing stranger who says "I got it at Go Baby Go!" Seeing other babywearers around town instantly gives you something in common which often leads to a discussion about various carriers.

Where is the craziest place you ever baby wore?

College Football games, Spurs Championship Parade, Spurs Finals Championship game (where we won!),  Fiesta Texas, the San Antonio Riverwalk, airplanes, airports... - there are so many touristy spots in and around San Antonio we can't keep count!

Please share with our readers your best babywearing tip. 

Relax and listen to your instincts!  Sorting out all the options can be intimidating, but the important thing is to start with something that you are actually going to use and enjoy no matter what is trendy. If it's too complicated or sits in a basket at home it is not doing anyone any good.

What are you doing in a typical day as a babywearing consultant?

Our typical day is full-time retail contact with customers.  It allows us to see a broad spectrum of parents with every age and stage of baby.  We have a wide variety of carriers to show them so they can make the best choice for their family.  


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CBWS Attends the ILCA Conference

I recently headed to the International Lactation Consultant Association Conference to represent Team CBWS! The ILCA conference was a fantastic opportunity to reach out to professionals who work regularly with new caregivers and talk to them  more about what we do at CBWS!

The connections made with members of the lactation industry will hopefully offer more opportunities for our graduates by allowing these professionals to see how babywearing and breastfeeding go hand in hand! 

It was wonderful to see many CBWS Graduates during the course of the week, as well as be joined by great representatives of the babywearing industry! I'm looking forward to next year's conference, see you all in Chicago (but hopefully sooner!).




The First CBWS Professional Development Day

I'm so excited to share with you that while I was in the DC area,  Eat Sleep Love hosted us at the very first CBWS Professional Development Day: Strengthening Families Through Attachment and Kangaroo Care. This full day program focused on making learning interactive!  Mini lectures were given by myself and Henrik Norholt, PHD, and then attendees were able to voice their questions and points in open discussion.

This day was the kickoff to what I hope will be plenty of future learning opportunities for graduates and other birth industry professionals. It was a day full of invigorating discussion and shared learning!

A Team Day for Team CBWS

After a busy week at the ILCA conference and our first Professional Development day, it was time to reconnect with my team! Since I was not far from Baltimore, Team CBWS was able to come together for an in person Team Day!

Team CBWS works primarily via remote communication. We connect by phone, text, email, and various internet platforms on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly. The downside to this is that we are at the mercy of varying schedules, time zones and travel. So when the opportunity arose for this work day, we were all excited! 

Katie, Amy and I gathered at Amy's home, where we Facetimed Bianca into the meeting! It was a wonderful change of pace from our normal long distance working relationship. We worked on pinning down procedures, reviewing what is and isn't working, and brainstormed about the BOND Conference. We even got a chance to try out some new carriers, grab lunch (and margaritas!) and I got to stop into a local babywearing business!

We're looking forward to another in person Team Day in the near future, as we continue to work towards making CBWS all it can be!

Tales from the Road: CBWS Heads to the Natural Parenting Store Conference

Tales from the Road: CBWS Heads to the Natural Parenting Store Conference

This past weekend I traveled to Chicago, to the Natural Parenting Store Conference. I had an opportunity to teach a few workshops, deliver a Keynote, and attend some great sessions. It was wonderful to dive so deep into the retail sector and to catch up with a few of you. I thoroughly enjoyed our Friday night CBWS Graduates reunion dinner and drinks!

I had so many great takeaways from this conference, as well as some ongoing questions I will continue live with and work on. Retailers can expect to see these things explored in my Retailer Webinar Series in the near future! Not a retailer?  There will be webinars coming up for you too! 

I hope to continue to update all of you on my travels, whether it be to Foundations and Progression trainings or other fun adventures! Stay tuned for more Tales from the Road!

Until then...have a great day!

Joanna and the CBWS Team

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Coffee With Joanna

This edition of Coffee With Joanna is with Jolyn Swain of Nurtured,

Coffee with Joanna

Afton Dibrindisi of Pods and Peas

I hope you are are enjoying the wonderful Fall weather as much as I am here in NYC. This is a great time for getting out, walking around, and reconnecting with the city. I remember one of the first places I visited when my son was just a few weeks old, it was a specialty coffee and tea shop on the UWS called, The Sensuous Bean. I first discovered it over 20 years ago (it was well established even then) and it has been a favorite spot of mine ever since. It is always nice to pop into the shop pick up a new coffee, chat about different things, and then go on my way. Flash forward 20 years...

On my way home from the Upper Breast Side (a NY institution for breastfeeding moms where I help Bianca of Metro Minis when she offers clinic and drop-in hours) I visit my favorite coffee shop, browse the newest beans, and geek-out about the subtle variances in taste. Now at first glance it may seem that coffee and babywearing have little to do with each other...I believe coffee is always relevant...but just keep reading. I love helping new parents find the confidence to use the carrier they choose or discover a new one. It is always a distinct pleasure to connect one-to-one with new people and reconnect with returning friends. Friend, yes friend. I learn the most amazing things from the people I am helping on their journey, I do this by just being open and accepting them wherever they are in that particular moment.

I promised that coffee was relevant: The owner of the coffee shop remembers me when I stop in, yes it has been 20 years, but in reality there were times I didn't visit for years. He remembers me bringing my son to the shop years and years ago now, and helping me find a coffee that would work with my breastfeeding self. He recently told me he remembers because he found me to be so "calm, and 'with it' and thoughtful" (his words, aww) ... what I remember was being tired, feeling frumpy, and needing to feel normal in this new role of parenting. I remember him not judging me because I didn't want to give up coffee, but wanting to be mindful of what I was putting into my body. He just accepted me and then helped me find what I thought would be the best choice for me.

That owner helped me so much more than he knows of course, but that is it, isn't it? Unless we open ourselves up to the person we are communicating with then we can never know what they need. Just 'be with them', and listen, and then if you can provide assistance do it in a way that is pertinent to them and what they need. Can you think of a moment when you were looking or shopping for something where you really just needed someone to accept you and not 'convert' you? I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to reply to me, comment, or share with me. I will always read and respond to you. The

I hope you have a great day!

Coffee with Joanna

This is our first "Coffee with Joanna" interview, if you do not know Cortney ... you should!  She is an amazing soul and doing great work with the families in her new town!

Retailer Sessions at ABC Kids Show 2014

Last year's session at the Catbird Baby and Sakura Bloom booths were so much fun and the Center received a lot of positive feedback. So CBWS is doing it again. This time Joanna will talk at the Catbird Baby, Sakura Bloom and Babyhawk booths. All new rockin' material!!

Come meet Joanna and learn how to best skyrocket the sales of baby carriers in your store. 

Training in Bethesda, where we will Eat, Sleep, and Love!

Thanks to Jessica of Eat-Sleep-Love we will have a lovely location, close to some great eats and time to really enjoy our training.  We will start our journey together on Monday at 2p and end at 3:30p on Thursday.  

For more info check here.

Retreat!!!!  Oh what a luxurious location and splendid time.

Retreat!!!! Oh what a luxurious location and splendid time.

We were nestled in the heart of the Wine Country for our week long retreat.  With beautiful views and a relaxed environment, it was ripe for learning, idea exchange, camaraderie, and best of all great food and conversation...oh yes and the massages!  From the depths of our souls, we thank the lovely ladies at PAXbaby for all of the hard work and energy to get this retreat going!  Wish you had been with us?  Join us next year!

Winter Blizzard GROWS in Northampton!

I took the chance to risk the ravages of winter and drove to Northampton to train the lovely group that Grow hosted.  I am very glad I did.  What a great group and town!  Northampton is a college town and the NY'er in me was unwilling to believe that cars really stopped for pedestrians to cross the street... but they do in Northampton, MA!  Simply amazing to me, that's a true first.  This town has a lot of great personality including great food and even better coffee (you know that is very important to me)!

Grow collage.jpg


We had a wonderful time together and were lucky to have group with such diverse backgrounds.  We had a weaver from Vermont, several nurses, a placenta encapsulator,  volunteers, and a few retailers.  Many great women with so much to share, well a few kids who stole the limelight and warmed our hearts too. 

The classroom space at Grow is so beautiful, I encourage you to visit if you are near.  So much natural light, plenty of space, and great teachers plus it's in a really neat building.  They have a very nice retail store that you are welcome to peruse too.  I am sure you could find something to tempt you.  You can pretty much do all your shopping and eating in the building and walk to the covered parking and never trek in the snow.  I call that brilliant really.  I ended up staying one night longer than planned since old man blizzard blew into town.  I can't complain, the town is charming.  I look forward to seeing it again when there is green everywhere instead of white.

For the LOVE of a Rebozo with Gena Kirby

I spent a quiet winter day with a good friend and attending Gena Kirby's rebozo workshop for tips on using the rebozo during labor.  Of course I am interested in the use of a long piece of fabric that can be used as a shawl, a birthing tool, or traditionally as a baby carrier, right?! :-)

I see 2014 coming!

I look at my Calendar and can happily say that 2014 is coming in to shape. YAY!

Just in case you miss the schedule over in the "schedule" section, I want to add the events here too.

Please join me at any one of these soon-to-be very fun, interactive, and professional trainings.  I would love to meet you. :-)

calendar pic.jpg

January 9-11 Atlanta, GA

January 19-21 Northampton, MA

January 28-30 Plano, TX

February 1, 8, & 15 in Astoria, Queens

February 2, 9, & 16 in Pompton Lakes, NJ

February 19-21  NYC, NY (Retailer only class)

Up high on a tightrope for all to see, yep that's NYC

As most people know by now I am a very happy New Yorker...and I love to introduce the city to my friends.  I get the chance pretty often as you may imagine.

Here we are perched up on one of the highest floors in a bustling yet small midtown hotel.  True to small space form we used every inch of that room to stash dolls and carriers.  It made me feel at home at least. ;-) 

We went out to do some discussion in the big apple and see if we could grab a decent meal.  So we threw a stone and happened to hit a very tasty Thai restaurant that I happen to adore (but had almost forgotten).  We walked long and hard around the corner and scrunched into the best seat in the house...the window seat of course.  Good food and even better discussion helped to break the monotony of those city views that are usually reserved for the birds.  I dare say I had to compete with the sunset a little each day.

ny halifax .jpg

We had many thoughtful discussions and some wonderful triumphs.  I can truly say I had a blast with Eric, Jolyn, and Tamara.  Thanks guys!

abc kids show Las Vegas 2013

Good times at the abc kids show in Vegas

It's the Love Shack, Baby!

We are super excited to be going to Atlanta, Georgia! 


Please join us in giving a special thanks to Teresa Howard for generously sponsoring this training!  Teresa's company, A Labor of Love Doula & Childbirth Services offers the local community such amazing services: Childbirth Education, Doula Service, Lactation Education and Consultations, Bellycasting and soon...babywearing services.  We are proud to be join together to do this training.

The training will be hosted at: 2100 Riverside Pkway, Suite 119B, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

January 9-11, 2014  9:00a - 6:30p daily

Sign up deadline: December 20th, 2013

Installment plans available!

For local information please email:

or call: 770-241-2078