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Miami style; rainbows, trees, and training

I made it to the last leg of the trip.  The Miami conversation started in March with the charming Amber of Rainbow Slings and then the Gathering Place offered to sponsor the training.  It was great to finally put faces to the voices! 

The palm trees were such a treat and even though it was dark I thought it was very pretty, so very south Florida.  I got the room all ready and even the boys, Willie and Henrick, were waiting for the training to begin. :-)

Miami 2.jpg

The training was a blast, and the Gathering Place had a lot going on as well, so we really had to keep on our toes.  We moved around the space some and got to explore the whole house.  We had a good group for the training, very diverse, really adding to our overall learning experience.  I feel like we all made some great connections.

Miami 1.jpg

No trip is complete without some local eats, we stopped at a few that were pretty good.  A local cafe and a dive...can't beat that! Lucky me, I had great company!

An extra picture of the palm trees, because well...they are so pretty.

This I just have to share: On my way to the grocery store I saw a tree that had grown into a fence and then was cut away.  No one untangled the tree from the fence you see.  It makes for an odd site and made me pause to wonder how it got that way!  The entire rest of the tree was gone and this is what is left to prove to the world it was there.

Miami 3.jpg