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The Columbus Whirlwind

We arrived late in Columbus and were up even later getting settled, then we started very early in the morning!  That is the way retail owners have to play ya know.  They have to cram as much into their day as possible, so that is what we did!   We had breakfast, lunch and dinner together each day and that was as much fun as the training. ;-)

columbus 1..jpg

I didn't see as much of Columbus as I might have wanted too...but where we were was really picturesque.  The SpoutSoup space is really neat and I am glad we had the chance to all share some time together.

Super fast stop in Troy, Ohio

First impression of Troy, Ohio....I want to come back and spend an entire weekend here. I missed the local bakery by just a few minutes and it is suppose to be great.  I would really like to explore the town center and revisit the cool baby shop too!  I highly recommend you visit Allison and her shop samozrejme if you are ever in town.

Allison stop1.jpg

Allison's kids were so great.  While I was waiting on their mom to finish packing they showed me around, hung out with me, and even showed me a few games to share with my kids! 

The baby giraffe's name is now 'Cuddles'...I fell in love with him at the shop and some how managed to add him to the suitcases!  He was a gift for my kids and was officially made in Ohio. :-)  

Next stop is COLUMBUS!

Chicago Bound!

After many up and down's we have a great location for our Chicago area training. 

Giving a very special shout-out to Beth of CatBird Baby for her good ole-fashion sleuthing! 

Bayridge was so much fun!

In all my years in NYC it is hard to believe I have never visited Bayridge.  It is a fantastic neighborhood, so many great shops and eateries.