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Winter Blizzard GROWS in Northampton!

I took the chance to risk the ravages of winter and drove to Northampton to train the lovely group that Grow hosted.  I am very glad I did.  What a great group and town!  Northampton is a college town and the NY'er in me was unwilling to believe that cars really stopped for pedestrians to cross the street... but they do in Northampton, MA!  Simply amazing to me, that's a true first.  This town has a lot of great personality including great food and even better coffee (you know that is very important to me)!

Grow collage.jpg


We had a wonderful time together and were lucky to have group with such diverse backgrounds.  We had a weaver from Vermont, several nurses, a placenta encapsulator,  volunteers, and a few retailers.  Many great women with so much to share, well a few kids who stole the limelight and warmed our hearts too. 

The classroom space at Grow is so beautiful, I encourage you to visit if you are near.  So much natural light, plenty of space, and great teachers plus it's in a really neat building.  They have a very nice retail store that you are welcome to peruse too.  I am sure you could find something to tempt you.  You can pretty much do all your shopping and eating in the building and walk to the covered parking and never trek in the snow.  I call that brilliant really.  I ended up staying one night longer than planned since old man blizzard blew into town.  I can't complain, the town is charming.  I look forward to seeing it again when there is green everywhere instead of white.